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Tracon 2012 Crash/Speech Recognition


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Hey so I am wondering if anybody here has had any issues with Tracon 2012 and speech recognition? My specific issue is that I go to play the game, and use speech recognition and usually 10 minutes or so in the game when things start getting busy my speech recognition microphone button gets stuck on blue and speech recognition wont work and the game freezes and then crashes.


What I have done,


1) Tried re installing game (Ran as Admin)

2) I always run game as admin 

3) Try starting speech recognition myself instead of the game

4) I've also re-installed windows and that did nothing



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I actually thought I remember having this problem awhile back with Tower 2011 and I believe I did some searching and there was a "patch" for the speech recognition software that was on this forum. I did try searching for that on this forum and a general Google search and found nothing.



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Hi ,

I am running the tracon on window 8 and i do have problem with the speech recognition ,

I believe the "start listing and stop listing" function dose not comply with the grammar correctly . I have No Voice recognition at all . unlike Windows XP Has no problem at all , which dose not have the "start and stop" listing function 


Is there any solution for windows 8 voice recognition . 

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What i AM saying the voice recognition in window 8  for Tracon 2012 dose not work due to the "start listing and stop listing" function which dose not comply with the grammar correctly  . unlike Windows XP Has no problem at all .

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I have the exact same problem as morganbren. This happens in both Tower 2011 and Tracon 2012 running on Windows 7. After a while (usually within minutes), the speech recognition gets stuck on "Listening" and the PTT button in the simulator gets stuck. The only way out is by killing both the simulator and the speech recognition with Task Manager. It definitely feels like the speech recognition crashes first, as the simulation usually works for a couple of seconds even after the recognition hangs.


Any solutions for this problem?

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I starting getting the same problem in the last few days (it did not happen before, not sure what changed except that I installed the KSEA add-on)

* Tower2011

* After a few minutes of play, the speech recognition window hangs in 'Listening'. Tower hangs immediately afterwards. Only a kill of Tower and Speech will revive the system

* I believe it happens after a command is rejected by the pilot. I'm not 100% sure about that


How do I re-install SAPI on Win7 64bit?


Any other idea to try?

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System updates on W7 are frequent and unavoidable if you wish to keep your computer secure. If we wish to crack this problem we need to get more productive - are there logs collected by the software that I can send you? Are there specific modes / system configs that you wish me to test? Any suggestions other than the cookie cutter ones are welcome. I apologize if I come out strong. I know from my 20+ years of software and hardware development how difficult it can be to solve such bugs, but this is a serious problem that requires some serious attention.

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Bug Report


OS: Windoes 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit

Memory: 8GB

Video: nVIDIA GTX460 1GB

OpenAL: installed

Speech: pre-installed (win7). trained


Problem: Tower 2011!. After a period of gameplay time (from just a few minutes to about 20 minutes), the voice recognition system will beep twice in quick succession (as if the PTT was pressed and immediately depressed). On the next attempt to access voice, both the voice recognition system and the game will hang, requiring a forced exit to both. This happens when I use a USB headphone (more than one type/item used). Does not happen with a cheap Audio jack type mike.


Tower.zip attached.


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