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I know that US Airways was taken over by American Airlines. However, US Airways flights are still in the real traffic schedules.

I just recently got Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and am finding that no US Airways flights come in or take off from Phoenix.  I wonder what the problem.  I put AWE and USA in the terminal 4 assignements.  US is listed in the schedules for real traffic.  I also downloaded and put in real color for Phoenix.  I believe I see a number of US Airways planes there, but they won't taxi. 

Is there something I am missing here or something else I need to do to remedy this problem?  Please let me know.

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If no US Airways flights are flying in or out of Phoenix, then what about the other two airports that were made that are also US Airways hubs, namely Charlotte and Philadelphia?

As far as I know the vast majority of flights out of those two airports are US Airways.  Phoenix, fortunately, has another airline that uses it as a hub, namely Southwest.

So, that being the case, if US Airways is the only airline that uses Charlotte and Philadelphia as hubs, then I imagine the traffic at the airports is very minimal.  If US Airways flights are not landing or taking off at Phoenix, then I assume they are not landing or taking off at Charlotte and Philadelphia as well.  Those airports must be very quiet and not much going on there then.  Has there been a problem at those airports as well regarding US Airways?

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Just took a look (I don't usually use the realtraffic schedule but was curious), and think I found the issue. Do you have PDT at Terminal 4 as well? When I did that, I went from no planes on the US/American side to mostly full (and got a PDT in the first seconds). 

The issue with PDT is in the Airlines file, PDT has the IATA code of US. Which either is causing the game to split flights between them, or just give all the US flights to Piedmont, not really sure. Anyways either changing Piedmont's IATA code in the airlines file, or just killing them (// in front of their listing) should fix the issue. 

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21 hours ago, crbascott said:

The above talk is about Tower!2011 not 3D.

Thanks for the clarification, I thought I missed an announcement for Tower!3D add-on.
Since this is a multi-game Forum, it gets really hard to tell which topic is about what product.


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