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  1. For PHX, had to dig through noise abatement reports so lack arrivals but iirc EAST FLOW: Departures: 7L, some 8 Arrivals: 7R, probably 8 (guessing on that though) WEST FLOW: Departures: 25R, some 8 Arrivals: 25L, again probably 8 but guessing Primarily takeoffs happen on 7L/25R but there was some off 8/26 just far less. As to which to use, it switches about evenly between the two. I think they said the winds tend to favor East Flow in the morning and West flow in the evening. Oh and found a video for GA, which should take H, H7, F for 25R
  2. I'd probably rank them, roughly: Atlanta -- It's just so damn busy, there are some nice ways of managing it, depending on the configuration but even still you just have tons of planes moving around and it's really easy to screw up. LaGuardia -- It's smaller but I struggle quite a bit with LGA compared to some of the bigger places, the crossing runways and pretty heavy traffic (despite being smaller and only 2 runways) makes for a good challenge. Add having to watch the taxi routes with the terminal layouts and yeah. Boston -- Another I feel I never get a good hold on, no ma
  3. You can basically create two Republic's though in the airline files e.g. RPA, RW, BRICKYARD, Republic Airlines (American) RPA, YX, BRICKYARD, Republic Airlines (Delta) Since the terminal file only takes ICAO, it makes it useless for placement though. But it was the way to quick fix for mergers without having to change every flight in every schedule (meant I used to have SWA flying 717s and such sometimes but still =p).
  4. The biggest issue, well imo, is the terminal file since it uses ICAO. If it was IATA, you could get the game to take it fairly well, just use a different IATA code for the different codeshares (e.g. Brickyard Delta flights could use RW, American use YX, etc.). in 2011 used that after someone mentioned it on the forums here, to take AirTran and US Airways flights in SC and turn them into Southwest/American. Of course, no idea how it works with the liveries though, and how much of a rewrite it'd take to change terminal assignments to using IATA instead of ICAO.
  5. Found one for KBOS, at least the runway configurations KBOS Link to presentation (from June 2017; pdf file): http://massportcac.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Final-BOS-Update-MCAC-Logan-101-060817.pdf Northwest Flow (31%) Arrivals: 27, 33L, 33R (limited), 32 (limited) Departures: 27, 33L Northeast Flow (34%) Arrivals: 4R. 4L used for non-jets only Departures: 4R, 9. 4L used for non-jets only Southwest Flow (31%) Arrivals: 22L, 27 Departures: 22L. 22R for non-jets only Southeast Flow (4%) Arrivals: 15R. 15L (limited) for non-jet
  6. Did a bit on schedules on a recent stream, only posting it as it's easier then typing it out (I tried that once, it was a pain haha). Should do one on GA sometime, something definitely needs work on as it's lacking outside of TIST. https://youtu.be/eDHc8LS4CZ0?t=40m27s Bunch of credit to dickparker, schedule creator is what got me into digging into the files, and mostly how I figured things out if I recall.
  7. I can try to find it and make sure to throw it in there, Thomas Cook is in the database, though don't know if they have a livery or not. Yeah, they like to vacate left, which gets annoying. Going to attach a slightly modified schedule, I changed the Frontier 319s to 320s which should get rid of the white Frontiers (didn't know it was only 320s and 321s with liveries on the PHL real color). Oh and forgot to quote it, but there should be cargo departures, it's just not very many outside of early morning/late night. Digging through have a FedEx departure in the 0800 area, 090
  8. Yep, I started using that a lot at PHL to get planes to not stop at 35 (when it wasn't in use). Just tell them to hold short of something out of the way. Downside is it does the same with taxiways, so can't give the complicated hold instructions like in 2011, they'll just hold at one and blow through everything else.
  9. Hello all, been meaning to post this. I've been working on making some schedules for the different airports in Tower 3D from influence of Schedule Creator but wanting a bit more updated file. Anyways, right now got Philly done and play tested for the full run, and working on finishing San Diego and LAX (while play testing them as well). Should be very limited, if any, issues and real color compatible (at least for PHL). Feel free to give it a try, and leave some feedback. Again, right now it's just PHL but have SAN and LAX mostly finished, just need to add a couple hours then finish the
  10. Just looked, and I'm getting the same. On the Store page it doesn't show ATL under DLC as well, but it shows up in the Tower!3D Pro Deluxe Bundle.
  11. You can, but I haven't figured out how to do it with voice commands. If you type it, it works though, how I get some of the planes at LAX that pushback on D to face how I want. e.g. SWA PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 24L TAXI VIA D D9 E
  12. Just took a look (I don't usually use the realtraffic schedule but was curious), and think I found the issue. Do you have PDT at Terminal 4 as well? When I did that, I went from no planes on the US/American side to mostly full (and got a PDT in the first seconds). The issue with PDT is in the Airlines file, PDT has the IATA code of US. Which either is causing the game to split flights between them, or just give all the US flights to Piedmont, not really sure. Anyways either changing Piedmont's IATA code in the airlines file, or just killing them (// in front of their listing) should fix
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