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Dear Folks,

Here is another Service Pack for Tower!3D, available for free for all existing Tower!3D customers.
We have fixed/ added the following:

-better camera transition (now when you switch between planes the camera will move instead of jump)
-dynamic Command panel based on the phase of the flight (the Command Panel will only show commands available of the current phase for the flight)
-flashing yellow lights on the service cars ([pretty cool at the evenings)
-more quality settings (you can finetune settings such as bloom and depth of field, antialiasing, etc)
-online manual (it's online so we can make changes and add new topics based on your feedback)
-terminal weighting for arrivals (tracon will try to line up to the runway closest to the terminal. It will try but no guarantee just like real world). It is pretty visible with the upcoming Nyerges Design Real Traffic.
-stability fixes

The patch is available free of charge to all current FeelThere and ATCSuite customers by re-using the link they received during purchase. We also sent the build to Dovetail so we hope it will be available on Steam too within a short time. Any new FeelThere or ATCSuite customers will receive their product SP2 included.

SP2 will be required for any future add-on including the upcoming Real Traffic and KJFK add-ons.

Thank you


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I see significant improvement here after some brief testing at LAX.  If its not my imagination, it seems even beyond what was listed above.  Notably, the problems with exiting taxiways (requiring repeated commands) seem to be solved.  Yeah!  I love the new night lighting.  City of Los Angeles is much brighter and prettier now.  Runway/taxiway lighting is also improved.  Still wish we could have visible landing lights in the air, but I presume that this is a performance issue. Absolutely love the new auto swiveling camera; so much nicer than the disorienting view switch that we had before.  Overall, great job.  Thank yo for your effort.  Can't wait for Real Traffic, Real Color, and KJFK!  Please hurry to get them our.  I am eager to give you guys some more money if you would like to have it :-)

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Thanks for the free update.


I think some really nice features were added.  I really like the additional quality settings.  It's nice to set things up  the way I like (custom) rather than having to live with the presets. I think I also  got a performance increase.  

Can't wait for add on's.  :-)


I'm also hoping we soon get some Real Color for all the nice planes Real Traffic added.  :-)

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