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Make runways - command line?

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Hi .. Thank you for your awesome contribution to flight sim. I think it must be in 2000 I experienced your work the first time.

IN your latest version of  MakeRwys.EXE  Version 4.6992, by Pete Dowson readme


Your write e.g.




If you are a user of Aivlasoft's EFB program for FSX/P3D, then part of
the updated data you will have is a file with the correct Transition
Altitudes for most airports in the world. MakeRunways can now 
automatically use that file to update Radar Contact's list too.

In order to do this, you must copy RC's "M4.CSV" file into the root
FS folder, next to MakeRunways. Don't worry about EFB -- if that is 
correctly installed then MakeRunways will find it.

To tell MakeRunways to update M4.CSV add a command line parameter:


(T for Transition Altitude).

When MakeRunways has finished simply copy the M4.CSV file back into
RC's Data folder.


My question is:

To tell MakeRunways to update M4.CSV add a command line parameter:


Where do i do that.. and how.? I know how to run MakeRwys, but not where to put any command line


All the best



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11 hours ago, Thomas Richter said:

easiest way is to use the Console window and navigate to the FS folder where MakeRwys.exe is located, then run MakeRwys.exe /+T

I would simply make a shortcut to MakeRwys.exe (just drag a copy to the desktop with the ALT key pressed, or right-click on it and select make shortcut), then right-click on the shortcut, select Properties, and enter the command line details there.

All standard Windows stuff! ;-)

I will move this thread to the main Support Forum where it belongs.



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  • 1 year later...

I'm using MakeRwys version and following the directions exactly, the m4.CSV file remains unchanged. 

I have tried the CMD as admin console window method and creating the shortcut method running as admin (check box and right clicking). I tried both methods without running as admin. I tried exporting the library via the Lorby-SI and tried it w/o exporting the library.

The original m4.CSV is copied from RC4x/Data to P3Dv4 root and after running MakeRwys  it remains dated 1/6/2006, yet all the other CSV files in the P3Dv4 root show modified today 9/1/2018.

Are we positive the parameter works in version 

Does anybody else have this parameter working? if so can they just attach their M4.CSV here?

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6 hours ago, pracines said:

Are we positive the parameter works in version 

I assume you mean /+T?

I've just tried it, and you are right. It doesn't appear to be working now.


Have you moved on to EFB version 2? If so then I'm not sure it can work, not as it is now. It needs to access this file:


where the Aivlasoft folder is within the P3D folder, like MakeRwys.

Check the log (Runways.txt). mine has this line at the end:

**** The /+T option is ignored because of no Aivlasoft\NavData\Airports.DAT! ****

So, three questions arise:

(1) is there such a file in the new Aivlasoft installation?
(2) is it in an easily predictable place?
(3) is it in the same format as before?

I don't even have EFB installed on this PC. I'll check on my main cockpit PC. Problem is that I don't have EFBv1 any more so i cannot compare files to see if they are similar enough. Do you have such a file, from EFBv1?



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2 hours ago, Pete Dowson said:

I've checked the files made by EFB2 and I don't think there's a suitable one produced, I've really no way of decoding whatever there is. Sorry -- looks like i'll just have to make the READ ME document explicit that it is an EFB v1 installation which is needed.



Yes I did mean the /+T parameter.

I figured it was me. I don't own EFB, I use Navigraph Ultimate, and I only own RC4. After all the trial and error trying to get /+T to function, I was surly stumped. 

Thanks for looking into this.

HiFi, PMDG, and the P3D SDK (World\Traffic) all use Airports.dat someway, could they be used in some way? 

*** never mind on the last question**** I checked them - no TA TL info


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2 hours ago, pracines said:

I figured it was me. I don't own EFB

Ah. well, as it says in the READ.ME, all that option did was pinch the details from the EFB file. I've no idea where to get those details from otherwise.

2 hours ago, pracines said:

HiFi, PMDG, and the P3D SDK (World\Traffic) all use Airports.dat someway, could they be used in some way? 

Just because they have the same filename doesn't mean they have the same data. I assume the TAs come from the AIRAC updates, but I don't know. sorry.

More recent ATC programs use AIRAC data. I moved from RC long ago, to ProATC.X for a while, and just recently Pilot2ATC which I really like, even though it is rather expensve if you want good voices. Still, compared to the cost of building my cockpit ...



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  • 1 month later...

Just stumbled across this while puling my hair out trying to create the same file 😀 so I asked the question over on the Aivlasoft board and the reponse was

"I'm afraid that Transition Altitudes are no longer accessible by third party programs as during the databuilding process they are retrieved from the ARINC dataset and - as being airport specific in many countries -  included in the airport.bin file."

So unless Pete has some more Magic up his sleeve I guess this is no longer an option. 


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