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Tower!3DPro Arrival/Departure Strip Future Feature???


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I have noticed that with Tower!3D Pro, the center section of the Departure and Arrival strip becomes "highlighted" when selected, but does not select the plane, you have to click on either the part to the right or to the left of the strip.  In addition I also noticed new text in the center of the strip, in this screenshot the departing plane is indicating a "pushback" is in progress.  I do not recall any other text being displayed here.

Could this be the start or attempt of displaying more information as to the status of the plane, similar to the "Command Panel" "History" window?  Could there be plane status like "taxiing", "waiting for departure", "waiting for taxi to terminal", etc, etc, etc.?

Color me curious,


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I agree. It is easy to miss a "ready to taxi" call if it is busy. If after taxi instructions are issued, it would be helpful to have a "taxiing" display or something similar to indicate that the A/C has been cleared to taxi. Perhaps another for SP XXX. Any other displays as Futureboy suggests would of course make te even better.

Kev M

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1 hour ago, FeelThere said:

It is to take any note from the controller. You an type anything into that part of the strip :) It's one of our easter egg :)

Neat.  Just tried it.  I did notice, however that it seems a bit tricky to select the field so that it allows me to type.  Seems to take several tries.  Is there a trick to it?

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