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Fsuipc determine keyboard change

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Hi Pete,

very strange thing with fsuipc from few days.

When i start prepar3D with fsuipc installed, i cannot use the keyboard combination keys.

For example 2d panel is opened by SHIFT+2, while if i use this combination i open another window.

In window i open notepad and try to write something some keys "ding" with nothing write and some others write ascii code.

When i close p3d window come normal if i start p3d without fsuipc dll all is perfect.

version 4966c

there is a special command taht fsuipc have activate for keyboard use?

many thanks

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FSUIPC reads the keyboard input but doesn't change anything to its behaviour in Win or to other programs. When Buttons are assigned to send Key presses then it will send those as Keyboard inputs to FS, also when FS doesn't has focus but only if that option is set to Yes.

Is there maybe some other program that runs, started by FSUIPC, like vPilot or something?


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On 5/18/2017 at 6:00 PM, sisoffi said:

When i start prepar3D with fsuipc installed, i cannot use the keyboard combination keys.

For example 2d panel is opened by SHIFT+2, while if i use this combination i open another window.

In window i open notepad and try to write something some keys "ding" with nothing write and some others write ascii code.

It isn'tFSUIPC doing this. You have no assignments to keys at all in your INI file so it isn't itseflf tpching your keyboard. You say 

On 5/23/2017 at 6:03 PM, sisoffi said:

with fsuipc start automatically sioc and opus,

so I would guess it is either one of those, or some other program you are running or have automatically started in P3D which is doing it, whether through FSUIPC or not.



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Pete, i attach the ini and the log,

but the big problem with fsuipc si that for example if i watn to open 

a 2d panel in maddog shift+F2 correspond to CPT panel .... he open a takeoff charts (like shift+F9)

and the keyborad have all diffrent assignement,

if i open a text document or want to change some paramteresin other applications i cannot because change is impossible to click 

to a specific key.


thanks but if i leave a ivao.dll from dll p3d is perfect.





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you should update to latest P3Dv3.

You need to sort out your FSUIPC4.ini file where you have two [Buttons] sections!?

1=P3,28,CM11:7,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: PNEU_XFEED_L}-
2=U3,28,CM11:7,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: PNEU_XFEED_L}-
3=P3,29,CM11:8,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: PNEU_XFEED_R}-
4=U3,29,CM11:8,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: PNEU_XFEED_R}-
5=P3,26,C65987,0  -{MIXTURE1_LEAN}-
6=U3,26,C65983,0  -{MIXTURE1_RICH}-
7=P3,25,C65992,0  -{MIXTURE2_LEAN}-
8=U3,25,C65988,0  -{MIXTURE2_RICH}-
9=P3,24,CM11:2,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: GEAR HORN}-
10=R3,31,CM11:4,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: LONGTRIM_DEC}-
11=R3,30,CM11:3,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: LONGTRIM_INC}-
12=R3,2,CM11:4,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: LONGTRIM_DEC}-
13=R3,1,CM11:3,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: LONGTRIM_INC}-
14=P3,4,CM8:4,0  -{Macro MD82MCP: AP}-
15=P3,20,CM8:3,0  -{Macro MD82MCP: ATHR}-
16=P3,21,CM8:3,0  -{Macro MD82MCP: ATHR}-
17=P3,27,CM11:5,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: FUELXFEED}-
18=P3,18,CM11:6,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: RUD_HYD_CONT}-
19=U3,18,CM11:6,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: RUD_HYD_CONT}-
20=U3,27,CM11:5,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: FUELXFEED}-
21=P3,5,C66080,0  -{GEAR_DOWN}-
22=U3,5,C66079,0  -{GEAR_UP}-
23=P3,23,CM11:1,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TO/GA}-
24=P3,22,CM11:1,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TO/GA}-
25=P3,0,C65752,0  -{PARKING_BRAKES}-
26=R3,15,CM11:13,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_MODE_DEC}-
28=P3,17,CM11:14,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_MODE_INC}-
29=P3,14,CM11:14,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_MODE_INC}-
30=P3,12,CM11:14,2  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_MODE_INC}-
31=P3,13,CM11:14,3  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_MODE_INC}-
32=R3,32,CM11:15,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_RANGE_DEC}-
33=P3,34,CM11:16,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_RANGE_INC}-
34=P3,36,CM11:16,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_RANGE_INC}-
35=P3,38,CM11:16,2  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_RANGE_INC}-
36=P3,10,CM11:19,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_ABOVE}-
37=U3,10,CM11:20,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_BELOW}-
38=P3,11,CM11:20,2  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_BELOW}-
39=U3,11,CM11:19,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_ABOVE}-
40=H3,8,K120,10  -{Key press: ctl+F9}-
41=P3,9,K122,10  -{Key press: ctl+F11}-
42=P3,3,C1006,1  -{KEYSEND 1 for WideFS}-
43=U3,3,C1006,2  -{KEYSEND 2 for WideFS}-
45=U3,8,K72,8  -{Key press: H}-
55=P3,16,CM11:13,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_MODE_DEC}-
1=P3,4,CM8:4,0  -{Macro MD82MCP: AP}-
3=P3,5,C66080,0  -{GEAR_DOWN}-
4=P3,18,CM11:6,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: RUD_HYD_CONT}-
6=P3,16,CM11:14,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_MODE_INC}-
8=P3,0,C65752,0  -{PARKING_BRAKES}-
10=P3,6,K122,11  -{Key press: ctl+shft+F11}-
11=P3,7,K120,11  -{Key press: ctl+shft+F9}-
12=P3,3,C1006,1  -{KEYSEND 1 for WideFS}-
13=P3,23,CM11:1,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TO/GA}-
14=P3,26,C65987,0  -{MIXTURE1_LEAN}-
15=P3,25,C65992,0  -{MIXTURE2_LEAN}-
16=P3,24,CM11:2,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: GEAR HORN}-
17=P3,21,CM8:3,0  -{Macro MD82MCP: ATHR}-
18=P3,20,CM8:3,0  -{Macro MD82MCP: ATHR}-
19=P3,17,CM11:14,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_MODE_INC}-
21=P3,28,CM11:7,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: PNEU_XFEED_L}-
22=P3,27,CM11:5,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: FUELXFEED}-
24=P3,19,CM11:9,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: STABILIZER_TRIM}-
28=R3,30,CM11:3,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: LONGTRIM_INC}-
29=R3,31,CM11:4,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: LONGTRIM_DEC}-
30=P3,29,CM11:8,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: PNEU_XFEED_R}-
31=U3,29,CM11:8,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: PNEU_XFEED_R}-
32=U3,28,CM11:7,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: PNEU_XFEED_L}-
34=P3,22,CM11:1,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TO/GA}-
36=R3,1,CM11:3,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: LONGTRIM_INC}-
37=R3,2,CM11:4,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: LONGTRIM_DEC}-
38=U3,5,C66079,0  -{GEAR_UP}-
39=U3,3,C1006,2  -{KEYSEND 2 for WideFS}-
40=U3,27,CM11:5,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: FUELXFEED}-
41=U3,26,C65983,0  -{MIXTURE1_RICH}-
42=U3,25,C65988,0  -{MIXTURE2_RICH}-
43=U3,18,CM11:6,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: RUD_HYD_CONT}-
44=P3,32,CM11:16,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_RANGE_INC}-
45=P3,34,CM11:16,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_RANGE_INC}-
47=P3,36,CM11:16,2  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_RANGE_INC}-
49=P3,38,CM11:16,3  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_RANGE_INC}-
51=P3,14,CM11:14,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_MODE_INC}-
53=P3,12,CM11:14,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_MODE_INC}-
55=P3,13,CM11:14,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_MODE_INC}-
56=H3,9,K122,10  -{Key press: ctl+F11}-
57=H3,8,K120,10  -{Key press: ctl+F9}-
58=P3,10,CM11:19,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_ABOVE}-
59=U3,10,CM11:20,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_BELOW}-
60=P3,11,CM11:20,1  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_BELOW}-
61=U3,11,CM11:19,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_ABOVE}-
62=R3,15,CM11:13,0  -{Macro MD82PEDESTAL: TCAS_MODE_DEC}-

Also did you try without running SIOC ?


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what do you intend for addons? 

sceneries? no i use only cad files because is a server Pc with only instruments.

addons like OPUS, SIOC and IOCP , but i irepeat without fsuipc all work great. 

Is fuispc that conflict with one of them?





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not in conflict but i.e. SIOC and IOCP uses FSUIPC, as far as I know when I used OpenCockpits hardware.

So what I would suggest to run P3D with FSUIPC and without OPUS, SIOC and IOCP. If that works you start with one after each other to find out what causes the problem. If just FSUIPC would be the problem you would find reports about that but I never saw/ got any, other than yours.


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On 9/10/2017 at 9:28 PM, sisoffi said:

Hi Thomas, i tried to start p3d without addons only with fsuipc and same problem.

If you have no key assignments in FSUIPC and you hsave no HotKey assignments in FSUIPC, and no applications or Lua plug-ins running which use the keyboard, then FSUIPC simply ignores the keyboard. It just cannot interfere. Therefore you must look in all those areas -- Keys, Hot Keys, FSUUIPC-using add-ons, and Lua plug-ins.

If you have problems with some keypresses in other program, outside of the sim, then Hotkeys must be involved.



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1 hour ago, sisoffi said:

yes i use assignement keys for ivap via wideclient.

Is this that interfere with keyboard?

Possibly. If you've assigned keys for some other purpose then you can't really expect them to do something else just because you want them too. You need to make sure all your assignments are separate keypress combinations. they are not in short supply.



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