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PMDG 777 P3Dv3 crash on shutdown

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This is the first of two issue reports - I just upgraded the P3D to the latest P3Dv3/P3Dv4 version, and I'm getting a consistent crash in PMDG_777X_2.dll on shutdown. Ordinarily, I'd report straight to PMDG, but I'm seeing the following issue in the FSUIPC log at the end:

    89638 === Closing session: waiting for DLLStop to be called ...
   114973 === DLLStop called ...
   114973 === Closing external processes we started ...
   115971 === About to kill any Lua plug-ins still running ...
   116127 === Closing global Lua thread
   117125 === About to kill my timers ...
   117328 === Restoring window procs ...
   117328 === Unloading libraries ...
   117328 === stopping other threads ...
   117328 === ... Button scanning ...
   117422 === ... Axis scanning ...
   117531 === Releasing joystick devices ...
   117531 === Freeing macro memory
   117531 === Removing any offset overrides
   117531 === Clearing any displays left
   117531 === Calling SimConnect_Close ...
   118124 === SimConnect_Close done!
   118124 === AI slots deleted!
   118124 === Freeing button memory ...
   118124 === Closing my Windows ...
   118124 === Freeing FS libraries ...
   119122 === Closing devices ...
   119122 === Closing the Log ... Bye Bye! ...
   119122 System time = 10/06/2017 11:12:29, Simulator time = 11:11:21 (16:11Z)
   119122 *** FSUIPC log file being closed
Minimum frame rate was 24.3 fps, Maximum was 31.4 fps
Minimum available memory recorded was 32768Mb
Average frame rate for running time of 47 secs = 28.2 fps
Average weather filter write interval in that time = 831.2 msecs
Maximum AI traffic for session was 9 aircraft
Memory managed: 71 Allocs, 70 Freed
********* FSUIPC Log file closed ***********

Note right at the end, we're got a mismatch between malloc() and free() counts. Do you think think this may be the cause, or shall I file a ticket with PMDG? This is FSUIPC 4.967, on Windows 7 x64.

FWIW, I see the same mismatch in P3Dv4 with FSUIPC5 and the PMDG 777.




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has nothing to do with PMDG installed or not, also you see the same in FSX / FSX-SE / P3Dv3 and P3Dv4 without PMDG installed. That's since long time 1 less freed than allocated.

Also make sure you use latest FSUIPC for both P3D versions and PMDG's released bug-fixes.



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1 hour ago, Luke Kolin said:

Note right at the end, we're got a mismatch between malloc() and free() counts. Do you think think this may be the cause,

Yes, it is ALWAYS like that and has been ever since I've been logging the calls. There is one "malloc" which is still being used after that count is measured.



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