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Tower!3D PRO: Altitude for Handoff to Departure


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You might want to check out airnav.com  It has tons of info on each airport. It has all the departure procedures in the left column near the bottom. Just browsing quickly, most seem to end at or below 3000.

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21 hours ago, FS1TR said:

At KLAX and KATL, is there a normal altitude at which aircraft are handed off to Departure?

If you want to see/hear how it is done in real life, I'd recommend checking out the LAX Webcam (Cam 2 is best to view when the departure hand off takes place) in conjunction with LiveATC.net (KLAX Tower - South). I find these sites to be very entertaining and educational. 


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31 minutes ago, hartleecub said:

Remember there's a slight time delay between actual voice transmission and when you hear it on LiveATC.net which could translate into several hundred feet depending on a/c rate of climb.

Good point ... hopefully one can figure out the delay after watching for a short time. That's why I prefer the webcam instead of just following along with FlightRadar24 or FlightAware.

Also, from an eyeball perspective it seems like the initial climb rate might be a little higher in real life than in Pro.

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