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  1. I saw that file and gave it a cursory look but didn't see anything that seemed helpful. I guess the commands are interspersed throughout it or something.
  2. Can I go back farther than the default ability to review commands in the drop-down window? I had an apparent conflict error that's now unknown because I can't go back far enough to see it.
  3. Thanks - mystery solved. I do indeed have KSEA RC.
  4. This is a unusual one - I have the following listed in Windows 10 but I've never downloaded RC Tower3D EKCH and I don't have the EKCH airport...just this apparent option to uninstall RC for it. Nor is RC EKCH listed in my downloads.
  5. Enjoying the Retro RC - the Braniff 747 looks really nice - but I'm wondering if anyone has seen a v-tail Beech Bonanza in the game yet? The Beech single-engine prop in the airplane file looks like a Cessna.
  6. Sure enough - I overlooked it, thinking it would be at the bottom. Thanks again for your help.
  7. I've got the latest RT and just downloaded the retro RC but the only mention of "retro" I see is in the Texture folder: airplanes_texpack_retro and airplanes_texpack_retro.manifest. The airlines/airplanes/airports retro files are supposed to be "in the latest version of Real Traffic - Retro folder" but I don't see that folder anywhere. If the updated RT comes with a retro schedule, how do I access it?
  8. I've been wondering the same thing. I also wanted to combine the Enter final command with the Cleared to land command and make them just one but was told the program won't recognize that.
  9. I've made some basic attempts to create a simple schedule of my own by just modifying a flight number in the original file to begin with but get the same result - that I can't save the file under the original schedule text file. Says I don't have permission although I do have admininstrator rights (Windows 10). There has to be a simple explanation for it but I've yet to find it.
  10. MD82, M82, MCA, MC, Muse Air, Muse Airlines, https://www.airliners.net/photo/MuseAir/McDonnell-Douglas-MD-82-DC-9-82/561, https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/operator/Muse Air xBOxMC xSx MCAxBCx
  11. MD82, M82, TST, MC, TranStar, TranStar Airlines, TranStar photo link: https://rzjets.net/operators/?show=1305, https://www.airliners.net/photo/TranStar-Airlines/McDonnell-Douglas-MD-82-DC-9-82/722849
  12. These custom TIST files certainly improve the default files and are challenging but I can't seem to find the pronunciation for Liat Airlines that works. Tried multiple versions of LEE-AT, etc. but no luck and have to resort to typing it in. Any tips?
  13. Which airports have you done custom traffic for in T3dPro?


    1. hartleecub


      I'll clarify and ask which U.S. airports have you done custom schedules for? I really enjoy your schedule for RDU.

    2. battlehawk77


      I've also done DFW, LAS, MCO, and BOS.

  14. A few years ago I suggested taking the retro livery concept a step farther and model up the aircraft from the '60s to include Connies, Convairs, Electras, DC-7s and the early jets like the 707, 880 and 990.
  15. Okay, I was able to access the commands after finding the notepad option. Thanks again.
  16. I was trying to modify taxi commands to add 2 or 3 additional taxiways to the route, either inbound or outbound. If the .rec file is the one I need to modify, I need to use notepad but I only see a VLC icon and don't see another option.
  17. I've made changes to the voice commands in the past but can't seem to find the game file now to do it again. Where is it located?
  18. crbascsott, thank you - that did the trick. I had the version right before sp6v18. I also like your recommendations for an update for the airport. Although I retired 14 years ago after flying as an airline pilot out of this airport since the year it opened, I appreciate the efforts to keep it up to date. We've come a long way since 17L/R and 13L (which was numbered that way on Jepp charts before 13R was even built.)
  19. KDFW is playing without recognizing Real Color and Real Traffic and also doesn't display the traffic folder and schedule folder. Have reinstalled KDFW/RC and RT several times to no avail. Other airports work fine. Any ideas?
  20. Regarding taxi commands, I can get aircraft to accept intersection takeoffs but not with custom taxi routes to that intersection taxiway. Is there a proper command for that?
  21. Do you get delay penalties for arriving aircraft after they land if they don't get to the gate within a prescribed time?
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