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saitek throttle quadrant problem

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hi all

I was wondering if anybody else is experiencing the same problem as I am having, i have 2 Saitek throttle quadrants which I use for pmdgs 777 200,with prepar 3d v4, lever setup being :-

1 lever for speedbrake

2lever for left throttle

3lever for right throttle

4 lever for reverse thrust

5lever for reverse thrust

6lever for flaps

the problem I am experiencing is that if I use 2 lever (left throttle) the 1 lever speedbrake moves aswell ,when I initially set this up with a registered fsuipc 5 version everything was working perfectly, so I copied the fsuipc5.ini file and renamed it fsuipc4.ini and I am using this with the same setup in prepar3d v3 without any problems at all.

could anybody shine a light on the problem maybe

richard sankey

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On 7/11/2017 at 10:40 AM, Richard Sankey said:

the problem I am experiencing is that if I use 2 lever (left throttle) the 1 lever speedbrake moves as well

For one axis to affect another there must either be a dual assignment, or it has to be a hardware or connection issue.

20 minutes ago, Richard Sankey said:

I thought I would try p3dv3 again and now I have the same problem there as well

If this is with no software or parameter settings change, it most certainly points to hardware/connection problems then!

Incidentally, for clarification, with PMDG aircraft, for throttles, you should normally only assign to the FS controls (Axis throttleN set) and NOT calibrate in FSUIPC. The PMDG throttles are read from SimConnect at the same level that FSUIPC gets them for claibration. If they are calibrated the result is routed into FS at a lower level, bypassing the interception (to avoid an infinite loop) and that will conflict inside the sim with what the PMDG aircraft code is doing.

Generally, for reverse, folks find they need to use the "throttle decr" control 9same as F) to reduce a throttle value from idle. A separate reverser should, in theorty, work though.



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