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Hey there,

I encounter some strange performance issues, especially on KJFK and KATL after some time of playing.
At first, everything runs perfectly smooth without any problems - after some time though, the framerate drops significantly (I don't have an indication, but it feels like below 10 fps). I did a multiplayer session with a friend today, we have almost the same hardware configuration and he had no problems. After playing he had 1:28h while I only had 1:24 which shows that my session had run a lot slower than his.

Then at some point the framerate gets up again (although there's pretty intense traffic) and after a couple of minutes it breaks down again...
No background tasks or anything that could slow down the computer. It's a fresh windows with only 2-3 games installed, nothing else.


My config:
Intel i7 2700K Quad Core @3,6GHz
Nvidia GTX970
Tower!3D PRO (non-steam).

I hope someone can help.
Best regards.

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20 hours ago, BullRot said:

It happens to me when the taxi route is complex and cannot be found ...
When I see this happening i gave to issue a new taxio command and again it's working well.

Yep, specially on JFK and Atlanta this can be the case (seen it happen on Las Vegas as well). If your framerate drops below 0, a plane is calculating a taxiroute like calculating the exact number of pi (unsolvable). The solution is to give him a new taxi instruction upon a more logical taxiroute.


A shame but it happens to me a lot on Atlanta when using N5/M6 or S to cross RWY27R  when giving detailed taxi instructions towards the gate. At the moment I just skipped using these and use P/L and T (westbound traffic) or D,J and M16 (eastbound traffic) instead.

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This also happens when planes land at KLAS on runway 1L and exit to Sierra and to a lesser degree November. The performance drops markedly if the aircraft is allowed to wait for more than a minute before giving the order to "Taxi to Terminal" when at those exits. As soon as the order is given, the performance plummets and once the autocalculated route is displayed, the performance returns to normal. It makes no difference if I give a route with the Taxi to Terminal. Usually if it's the only aircraft at KLAS, it won't degrade, but most of the time I see this at that exit is when there's 5+ aircraft on the ground.

It seems to be avoidable if I give the order to Taxi to Terminal before they reach the exit. If avoided, it's not nearly as bad.

Edited by rameus
corrected final statement about workaround, clarified sequence of events
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