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Help with settings in Tower 3d Pro

Pedantic G

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Have just purchased the game and enjoying the three initial airports and have just bought KLAS and about to buy KJFK to play.  Not set up Speech yet and awaiting headset to be delivered but none the less manageable (just!) with mouse.

All going well but I am having an issue with changing the settings in game. Can amend the speech to random and get the three american voices when testing the speech and have turned down the environmental sounds to lesson the car and bird chirping noises but when I come out of this and then go back in the changes are not saved and when I play the game I get the one voice from pilots (Microsoft David). Do you need to save the setting changes each time and if so where?

Running Windows 10 and in English (United States) mode and as an administrator in Tower 3d Pro. 

Its showing six voices available in Windows 10 settings (Microsoft David, George, Susan, Hazel, Zira and Mark)

Any ideas Forum members?



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In doing a little research I found there are two sets of voices/voice services on Windows 10. The voices (SAPI5) used by Tower!3D Pro can be found by bringing up the Speech Recognition Control Panel and looking at the Text to Speech tab. In my case, I have David and Zira installed and both voices are used in the sim.


There's another set of voices that can be found by going to Control Panel Settings, Time & language, Speech. I have the same voices you have plus a few more.  Apparently these voices are used by Windows Store apps.


Theoretically you can get the Mobile voices to work with SAPI5, but it involves hacking the registry. I'd like to hear a few more voices, if I ever get brave enough I may give it a try. ;)

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