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KPHL Arrival Problem


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I'm finding KPHL unplayable due to ground conflicts.  Mostly because arriving aircraft do not exit runway as instructed.  For example playing at 8:00, I give a UPS arrival instructions to exit runway at K4. Pilot responds "unable to land, runway too short."  This is fine because i'm quite happy to have him exit at T or anywhere beyond K4. Unfortunately aircraft exits at N and causes conflict.

Am I doing something wrong or is KPHL at fault?


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I am seeing the same problem, how can it be that the pilot says the given exit is "too short" then turns off even shorter? It is annoying but I wouldn't say that KPHL is unplayable, I just have to work around it and expect that the aircraft will freestyle an exit and ignore my instructions.


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I Also am having this problem at KLGA Rwy 22 Arrivals. E75's CRJ's etc. tend to exit at G or E. For sequencing I like to tell them to  "XXX vacate runway left onto taxiway Charlie". I get "Runway is too short" message.  Taxiway C is further down the runway than E.  I have tried giving the command at various parts of the approach to see if it is related to when you give the command but it does not seem to make any difference. 737 size A/C are happy to accept the command but TWY C might be when they turn off naturally.

For Vic, I keep forgetting to start the program using the .bat file to generate a tower.log file to send in.

Seeing this problem appears to be occurring at several airports, I wonder if it was introduced with SP3??

Kev M

Brisbane Australia


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Vic, just exactly who is responsible for what in the development of this sim? Scenery, planes, all the components of making this sim...it all seems to blend together and I'm curious as to who does what and what their areas of responsibility are. When add-ons are added to the mix, it's sometimes confusing as to the interaction between the principles involved.


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