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KLGA Download issue? Trojan?


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So I purchased LGA and ATL and their colors tonight before the promo code expired. I purchased from the atcsuite site and the downloads were delivered via the BMT links.

I tried LGA first and got it downloaded. I started the exe and got all the way through the activation screen. I clicked next and then it the percentage bar came up but it failed to install and then my antivirus popped up saying it had blocked it as it contained a trojan.

I tried using the other download links and they all were blocked after downloading as I could not even get to the exe file to run it. I was able to get ATL downloaded, but I did notice in the download it did not give me the option to select which ATC game version I was running, std vs pro vs steam versions. I ended up having to manually select the pro folder and it appears to have properly installed. Its showing in the list in the game but I have not tried it yet. 

Anyone had this happen before?

All of my links have since been blocked by BMT and it says "The password has been blocked. The application vendor has been notified. Please try again in 48 hours and contact the vendor if the problem persists."

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Yes happened to me,  i had to tell my av to ask me each time if i trust the files when installing,  should be in your av settings,  i think usually its set to automatically removed threats,  thats fine but av is not perfect as you have discovered,cheers



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I have had the AV (Avast) strip the .exe file from the folder when loading airports etc. with .exe files. Just turn the AV off until the file is loaded, then turn it back on again. This works for me.











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