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NyergesDesign Updates Location Help Required


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Hi Guys

Can you please help or advise.

I have all the add on packs from NyergesDesign  for Tower 3D Pro, now apart from checking them all for updates one at a time, is there an announcement page anywhere that announces if a pack has an update to be downloaded, I have only just discovered that there has been an update to one of my packs and only through a quick check I discovered this, an announcement page would be great if one existed.

I do follow NyergesDesign  on both the facebook and twitter account however the latest update I have just got from BTMicro is not mentioned anywhere.

a heads up would be great if anyone can help.

Kind Regards


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13 hours ago, John Coles said:

I have just downloaded realtraffic_sp6_zip -

Do I have to re-install airport add-ons for the new RT to take affect??

John & Wayne

No not normally. RT will load the traffic files to ALL airports including those that you do not have installed. i.e I don't have KATL but have all the traffic files. Be Aware. It will override any custom files, i.e. schedules, terminal files etc. (.txt) that you have created for yourself. You need to copy those to somewhere else, load the new RT files & reload your custom files. using copy n paste. It will all work then. Sometimes RC files become a problem if the aircraft.txt file has changed but the RC file not updated. You get nice white aircraft. You might need to changes some aircraft types. i.e RC does not seem to have Republic E75's. or other E75's. Just change them to E70's & they show up in AAL colour scheme. 

Kev M

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