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PAX & Cargo operators into the same airport


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This is a request from Ariel at Feelthere from a different post.

For Feelthere can this problem be investigated and perhaps a solution be found for the next version or a SP in the future

There are several occasions  where an airline operates both passenger & cargo (freight) aircraft into the same airport. This is not handled by Tower3D as they need to be sent to different terminals. The ICAO code in the terminal.txt file determines which terminal they go to. Therefore it seems that to  ensure the cargo A/C go to the cargo terminal, it is necessary that the cargo A/C have a unique ICAO code to that of the pax A/C. To achieve this, I have invented ICAO & IATA codes for the cargo airlines in this situation. The codes are below & are codes NOT currently used in the airline.txt file. This works OK but because the A/C do not have applicable Real Colour files, they appear as white A/C. With this scenario, you have the choice of them going to the pax terminal if you use the original ICAO & IATA codes or to the cargo terminal if you use the modified codes, provided the terminal.txt file is changed to reflect the ICAO codes.

The unique codes that I have come up with are:

CAO, CB, AIRCHINA CARGO,  Airchina Cargo, China

AFC, AL, AIRFRANS CARGO, Air France Cargo, France

AAS, OD, ASIANA CARGO, Asiana Airlines Cargo, Republic of Korea

CPC, CW, CATHAY CARGO, Cathay Pacific Cargo, Hong Kong SAR of China

CAM, CD, DYNASTY CARGO, China Airlines Cargo, Taiwan

ELZ, LE,  ELAL CARGO, EL AL Israel Airlines, Israel

UAF, ER, EMIRATES CARGO, Emirates Airlines Cargo, United Arab Emirates

ETE, EX, ETIHAD CARGO, Etihad Airlines Cargo, United Arab Emirates

EVB, BU, EVA CARGO, EVA Airways Cargo, Taiwan

KAM, KD, KOREANAIR CARGO, Korean Cargo, Republic of Korea

GEC, LF, LUFTHANSA CARGO, Lufthansa Cargo, Germany

There are others but that is the main ones that operate into US airports.

Kev M




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Vic, I think you might have missed the main concern:

In most cases the pax & cargo flights operate under a common IATA & ICAO code. i.e in reality Cathay Pacific Cargo & pax flights operate under CPA, CX codes.

In Tower, how do I get a pax flight to go to terminal A & a cargo flight to go to the cargo terminal if the ICAO codes are the same, which they are in reality? This is controlled by the terminal.txt file. IF I put CPA against terminal A & the cargo terminal in the terminal.txt file, how do the cargo flights know to go to the cargo terminal & the pax flights to Term A. Hence the made up codes for the cargo flights. The same applies to the US flights under the same ICAO code that need to go to different terminals because they are international flights.

Except for the unique ICAO & IATA codes I can't see a easy fix for this unless some form of other unique identifying code is used to determine the terminal for the flight to go to.

For the liveries, yeh, that's a ND problem but that can come in the future.

Kev M

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Kev M,

Using pure flight data it is basically impossible to tell the difference between cargo and commercial. So, without a ton of airline/airport specific knowledge this would be tough to implement. In lieu of made up ICAO/IATA codes (which I can tell is undesirable by both FT and ND), maybe adding a field to indicate commercial/cargo in the schedule could be implemented but again this would take a lot of work on the schedule making side. No matter what, it sounds like a wish list item for a future version.


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Craig ,

Your right there about the complexity of splitting up the different flight terminals. As I said yesterday, this is not an easy problem to fix.

 I was asked by Ariel  from feelthere to bring this up as a post, along with my other post re international flights, so they can look at the items as action items. I didn't expect the reactions that i have received. Although they have been positive in general if not slightly misunderstood.

I have modified my SFO schedule & have the pax/cargo flight separated & the right ones go into the cargo terminal. All the United International flights arr/dep from terminal G, although the international  & odd cargo flights are white. I can live with this & prefer that to them all operating from the domestic terminal(s). I have found that in most cases Cargo flight numbers are fairly easy recognised as they are usually in a different sequence to pax flight numbers. They sort of stick out as different. Maybe it is the 40yrs working in the industry that makes them easier to recognise.

Kev M

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same here 707fan tried to seperate cargo from passenger n sum cargo flights xample cathay p cargo goes into passenger terminal had to take it out of schedule list,  comes out white anyway nerges n feelthere need to really team up n make this simulator more realistic n improve graphics n update  airports every 4 months xample jfk still with construction and united terminal wich is demolished is still up also add in retro liveries have us choose wat plane should use retro n add in all cargo liverie flights n hand them into ther cargo ramp when they arrive to airport think this sim can do way better in order for them to make more cash.

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I apologize if my answer came out negative.
I'm not a coder by all means there are much smarter people in the team :) However one thing I learned is that there are things that very easy to process by the human brain but when you wish to translate to code then it becomes difficult. You are absolutely correct about "easy to see numbers" as our brain can process it just by looking at them but it's hard to explain to the code :) Naturally it will go to the wishlist for the next version.



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