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ERJ is unresponsive in P3Dv4


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I just purchased the ERJ for P3Dv4.  I loaded and activated it, but on first glance the HUD was not visible (I tried the "H" option and pushing the W-key to cycle through the views in the 2-D cockpit).  

Then I uninstalled and reinstalled, but got the same results.  I started P3D with a default aircraft (Mooney) scenario, then loaded the ERJ.  It was cold and dark, as expected.  Then I thought I'd just start it up and perhaps, with power, the HUD would appear.  To my surprise I am unable to make anything except the menu bar (thrust, throttle quadrant, overhead, FMS, etc.) respond to my mouse clicks.  I cannot start fuel pumps, turn on the APU, or turn on exterior or interior lights.  Any suggestions will be followed to the letter.  

I am using P3D version and the FeelThere ERJ-145LR for Prepared 3D v4.1.... (Product Version  

I have 875 hours on this aircraft using FSX, and I would love to get it running in P3D.  



Chuck Adams

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Ariel:  I do believe I am using the ERJ for P3Dv4--as noted in my initial post I am using FeelThere ERJ-145LR for Prepared 3D v4.1.... (Product Version  However, I am not using the latest version of P3D v4--I am currently running on P3D version  

scoobflight:  No, the sim did not ask me to approve the ERJ's guage files.  Not after the first install, or after I de-installed and re-installed.  Hmmm.....not sure how to fix that, but yes, I usually get some sort of approval question after installing a  new aircraft.  FYI, the only other non-default software running in the sim is PMDG 777-200, iFly 737 and Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang--and a bunch of Orbx scenery.  


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I un-installed the ERJ using IObit Uninstaller.  I then deleted the ERJ directory out of Sim Objects/Airplanes, and I deleted the Feel There directory out of the Prepared3D v4 directory.  I then loaded a scenario containing a default aircraft (Mooney M20), then selected the ERJ.  Unfortunately, I got the same results--no request to approve the ERJ's gauge files, and I am not able to do anything except select items off the ERJ's menu bar (Thrust, Overhead, etc.  ).  

So I am stumped.  I slick my SSD every 6-12 months, and when I reinstall I will look for the latest P3D V4 update (which I am NOT running right now), and then perhaps I'll give the ERJ another try.  

Thanks to scoobflight and FeelThere Ariel for your prompt replies.  

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