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EVENT Automatically Running

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Can somebody tell me why these events run as soon as I load the aircraft (Capt Sim C-130) and how do I stop it. Happens even if I start "cold and dark" (see attached log file)



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I've moved your support question to the support forum so it can be answered. The FAQ subforum, where you posted, is a reference section.

The events are being caused by another add-on, possibly the aircraft you are using (check with a defalut), but also possibly by another application -- maybe something to do with VRInsight (I see two VRI ports you've defined fail to open.

There are also 5 Lua plug-ins running, as indicated in the termination sequence:

   181704 Lua threads being terminated:
   181704       0 = "C:\FSX\Modules\MAxisThrottle.lua"
   181891 LUA: "C:\FSX\Modules\MAxisThrottle.lua": killed
   181891       1 = "C:\FSX\Modules\DC_F14D_CMDS.lua"
   182079 LUA: "C:\FSX\Modules\DC_F14D_CMDS.lua": killed
   182079       2 = "C:\FSX\Modules\DC_E2C_CMDS.lua"
   182266 LUA: "C:\FSX\Modules\DC_E2C_CMDS.lua": killed
   182266       3 = "C:\FSX\Modules\E2CECU.lua"
   182438 LUA: "C:\FSX\Modules\E2CECU.lua": killed

 I'm afraid I dodn't know any of those so I don't know what they do.




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Hi all,

3 of the 4 lua's I wrote or helped, 2 are hardware interfaces to specific aircraft where L:Vars are necessary to interface (E2CECU.lua,  DC_F14D_CMDS.lua) and 1 is a selectable axis via a button. (MAxisThrottle.lua)
The rest of the log is all from poor, very poor, gauge coding.. Flooding the sim with commands. They should be getting the  current state before writing a new state.
In pseudo XML syntax they are doing --

blah blah blah if{ 12 (>K:FUEL_SELECTOR_SET) }

 when they should be doing -- 

blah blah blah (A:FUEL TANK SELECTOR 1, number) 12 != and if{ 12 (>K:FUEL_SELECTOR_SET) }

Being Captain Sim, it is likely (don't know, don't have) that nothing can be done as they usually use C++ type gauges. A2A is another company that floods the sim quite often.
A shame..


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Seems to me that A2A re-purpose/re-use a lot of sim events/commands. I generally fly A2A and have quite a few log exclusions to keep a cleaner log file when flying with such aircraft.

Look at the DontLogThese parameter, documented in the advanced user manual, page 8.



P.S. Of course, applies to all aircraft - add the exclusions from the 'noise' events for any aircraft. Thinking about this, probably a good idea to make profile specific...I'll look into this

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