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TowerSpeak issues


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I got Tower3D Pro just today and i was wanting to play it with voice recognition ,i changed my system language and all that stuff to English (US) but it dosen't seem to work. I found out that "towerspeakbridge.exe" wont launch with the Game, even if i try to execute it myself, it wont launch... Im clueless why, i deactivated my Firewall and Antivirus and it still didnt work..

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1. Make sure your computer hears you. If "Cortana" is not disabled, check if you can ask a question.

2. Press Windows-Logo + Ctrl + S. (On a german keyboard: Windows-Logo + Strg + S)

3. Speech Recognition will open up tpsr01.jpg.14bd7afa59d48fdbf57d5ab602c68eac.jpg

4. Set it to "Off" tpsr02.jpg.dd4f4a08ee3cf9a39e04240a5626b7a2.jpg

5. Optionally it can be run at Windows startup tpsr03.jpg.8332236fcf890c7974ec932d4b8877c5.jpg

6. Train speech recognition a few times (Improve voice recognition) tpsr04.jpg.9505532e8a366aee7901a6bdc6da0884.jpg

7. Start the game as admin tpsr05.jpg.7b155e725bcf19a9443ac278e610232a.jpg

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3 hours ago, TheMichi said:

i trained my voice for the computer, yet nothing changed ...


you need to review and follow all steps as listed in this, as noted before, thread -


POST all answers, data and images in the format required for further support.

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