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Missing Part of Terminal @ RDU


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Hi Charles,

Don't think so. This one was looked at quite a bit in development of the airport, looking at YT videos, google earth maps, FR maps and Internet research. Wasn't helped as there was/is construction work going on, which included demolishing part of Terminal 1, rebuilding what was there and trying to future proof the terminal for work to expand it to become more "international".

Terminal 1 only has 9 gates now and the building's east of the end point have been demolished and the area is now storage for vehicles and some hard stand areas for storage of aircraft. 

Southwest currently uses Gates A5-A9. On April 1, 2020, the airport will activate Gates A1-A4, which will see Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines moving to Terminal 1 to use these gates due to lack of room for immediate expansion in Terminal 2. Two of the new gates will have traditional jetbridges, while the other two will be modified to allow passengers to board the aircraft via rolling stairs or ramps at the request of Frontier to allow quicker turnaround times"

The developers agreed to split Terminal 1 into 4 distinct areas of 1A to 1D which is matched in the krdu_terminal file:

Terminal_1A: AAY,FFT,NKS (2 gates)
Terminal_1B: AAY,FFT,NKS (4 gates: Gates 1-4 in text)
Terminal_1C: SWA (5 gates: Gates 5-9 in text)
Terminal_1D: SWA (4 gates - hard stand and yes it does look like they are parked in a field!)

In reality, as it is today, only 1C is actually used, by SW, but the file was future proofed to some extent (for 2020) by adding 1B with AAY, FFT and NKS. 1A and 1D should really be left blank but (not used as overspill for 1B and 1C respectively) it helps to stop aircraft not spooling etc if the published RT full day schedule is used.

IF you are pedantic like me, I try to operate as accurately as possible and run this with only 1C (SW) at present , adding AAY, FFT and NKS into Terminal_2D and use @battlehawk77custom snippet schedules and it runs fine but each unto their own.

Hopefully this answers your question but as I am 3,811 miles from KRDU Tower as the crow flies and have researched this via the wonderful world of the internet I may have some things completely wrong 😉





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OK not familiar with the terminal layout but it looked weird during game play and when looked at when using FR24 their map showed a terminal going all the way to those gates. Don't know how old a picture that FR24 is using. Thanks for clearing this up.


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