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  1. Hey Gavin, great schedule only found one dup so far in the nine o'clock hour JAL662. Thanks Charles
  2. But real color isn't out yet. Real Traffic has been updated. Charles
  3. No need it's been cleared up by Gary. Sorry.
  4. OK not familiar with the terminal layout but it looked weird during game play and when looked at when using FR24 their map showed a terminal going all the way to those gates. Don't know how old a picture that FR24 is using. Thanks for clearing this up. Charles
  5. Are the 4 last gates along taxiway A & A9 missing. It looks like the Southwest plane are parked in afield. The terminal on rendition on FR24 shows the terminal extending all the way to these gates. Thank you Charles
  6. cwalfy1

    SFO sp1

    Sorry it was SP1 but I missed it coming out. Again Sorry Charles
  7. cwalfy1

    SFO sp1

    Theres an SP for both
  8. cwalfy1

    SFO sp1

    Did you all notice Feel There put out an SP for SFO today. Charles
  9. Thank you been looking for a good one that was full size.
  10. Thank you for the hard work. Charles
  11. if the invite is still good after I return I'll give it a try Charles
  12. Sorry I'm off to Tokyo in the morning for 21 days so I won't have time.
  13. Yours works with no schedule file, that's pretty good.
  14. Just looked and it's still the same RC.
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