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  1. Even if it came out today it wouldn't be in the sale, FeelThere doesn't include new add on's in the sale, you'd probably have to wait till Labor day. Charles
  2. Gabor, thank you for clearing that up. Charles
  3. I've cleared out cache, cookies, history and I'm still getting sp1a. Charles
  4. I got the same. Charles
  5. I ran the 11 am hour and 1700 hour and din't find anything. Thanks again for your work. Charles
  6. Thanks for the hard work, will give it a try tonight. Charles
  7. Also in the noon hour ga Medevac N911ZF calls but the call sign it uses is <Medevac 911ZD which they won't answer too. Easy fix to change the ga file. Charles
  8. No problem I couldn't find the real traffic.
  9. Real Color was right next to the airport download on Feelthere's site Charles
  10. Has Real Traffic been updated, I'm still seeing version 21 as the download. just got the new file never mind. Charles
  11. Did you install real traffic sp6v20. Charles
  12. cwalfy1

    LEBL sp

    Hi Vic, link two still goes to real color but link one worked, Ive got the download now thank you. Charles
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