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  1. My problem with this is after the Retro pack came out NyergesDesign said they would be updating that with free add ons and we haven't seen a thing. I'm afraid we may be going the same way here. I realize we won't be paying for this until it's ready for distribution, but a lot of things fall through the cracks once the new Simm is out I'm afraid. This is taken from the Retro Pack discription off of NyergesDegins web page. We are planning to add more retro airlines in the future, which can be downloaded and updated for free. Charles
  2. I’m not sure it needs to be fixed when looking at the real traffic schedule I can’t find any MH flights.
  3. I just went line for line through texture pack 34 and mine has no MH File and no 388 files. Looks like they jumped the gun somewhere. Mine was also purchased from FeelThere. Charles
  4. Speak ion the devil the newsletter showed up in my inbox at 04:00pm east coast time. Charles
  5. Hi Vic, I am signed up for the newsletter, but haven't received anything since ZBAD came out. Charles
  6. It sound nice but I'd still be interested in what specs we're going to need to run this. Charles
  7. Soon looks like a long way off
  8. I asked why the link expired in an email and their answer was that in the next 7 days they hoped to have the downloads problem fixed so it would be like normal. Made since to me. Charles
  9. I got my link renewed but it's still only downloading the original file not the SP. Charles Walters
  10. Has anyone gotten the new link to download the SP and if yes how long did it take to get the new email link? Charles
  11. Thank you for all the hard work that went into this project. Used it over the weekend to make three schedules and they all run without a problem. Again THANK YOU. Charles
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