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E195 SP1 master caution, compass light, GPU panel and service door issues/question.


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1 hour ago, Kaydet said:

In my cockpit of the 195, the Autobrake button is stuck in RTO, cant move it anymore 



Try reloading of the aircraft by selecting a different livery after the plane loads.  This should drive a resetting of the panel states without restarting the sim.

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On 3/30/2020 at 5:30 PM, FeelThere said:

I just double checked and it shouldn't be there. Please reinstall the product.



after reinstall "button" of GPU is working perfect only ;(.

Embraer 195

1. compass is too dark in night: (the same in e175)


2. "red button" doesnt work by night and day (work in e175 only)

2015202523_Zrzutekranu(87).png.1b00e862ebb14ec33014f7cabcb681bf.png1560832997_Zrzutekranu(88).png.88229ca959d43ace85bc5287fdb4b8ae.png: day

1379944462_Zrzutekranu(79).png.be256f9138d2d9923f2dc543c5e89aa7.png876456901_Zrzutekranu(80).png.ded1ab3b62a717f3599e2f38a09c340e.png   night


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13 minutes ago, scoobflight said:

What are you trying to do with this so called 'red button'. What do you expect to happen as a result clicking day v night?

again again again again, 0,1$ for post?

i want to see it:


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27 minutes ago, Mateusz said:

i want to see it:

So at night not glowing when no master caution situation exisits?

Does the master caution not flash appropriately only in a night situation?

Is the master caution button not silencing when depressed only in a night situation?

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11 minutes ago, scoobflight said:

It works fine? You were meaning to insert a ASCI wink?

Gpu show "AVAIL and IN USE" correct after reinstall SP1. (in day/night)



8 minutes ago, scoobflight said:

So the concern is the master caution button is not glowing/shining/flashing in a master caution situation day or night.  The button function of silencing the auditory signal works correctly.

Yes 😉 

thank you for help in explain 😉


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