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Liveries with Custom Schedules Question


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Just wondering whether the liveries have to be associated with the plane in that exact airport or whether I just need to own the RC pack?

For example, if an airline has livery for a plane at KJFK, but not KLAX, will the liveries end up blank at KLAX if you do not own KJFK (only an example, not saying this is my problem)?

I've been building a couple schedules, and I seem to be running into some planes with blank liveries. I'm doing another check on whether it's because I have mis-entered the plane or not.


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When you have a livery pack, it will transfer over to all airports.

When the packs load they load in numerical order, so a newer livery will over write an older livery

The most likely cause for blank planes is either not having the livery available in any of your packs, or as you say entering the plane type incorrectly

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I am having the same problem. Playing real color at JFK and FRA. Both texture packs recent reloaded. Added a few cargo flights to my JFK schedule but can't get Lufthansa Cargo or Airbridge (along with others that aren't white tales at FRA) to show up in JFK.

JFK_Airplanes is updated to include M1F and 74Y. The schedule works fine regarding calls, and time but the planes are white with windows. I appreciate any guidance. 



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