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Moving to Fsuipc 6

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17 minutes ago, Ridgeandgable said:

I've copied my old FSUIPC 5.ini file and moved it to the fsuipc modules folder for 6 and renamed it fsuipc6.ini and still no existing settings have loaded, every button / switch I have is blank.

Assuming that the change from FSUIPC5 to FSUIPC6 was not coincident with a Windows update or re-install, that implies that your FSUIPC5 settings were lost in the first place -- i.e a default or out of date INI file.

Check that you copied the correct file from the correct folder. 

If you think you got it right, either compare them yourself or post both file here.



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Hi Pete


thanks for your reply, I found the issue. I had forgot to uninstall p3d v5 from my D drive when I first installed and fsuipc has installed into that folder. After re-downloading p3d with hotfix, I installed it into the Ssd on G drive and rerun installer for fsuipc which found it on D drive.

all up and running now. Now just got to get voxatc working 🤣



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I've done word searches on different drives and gone to any location I could possible think the FSUIPC6.ini file would be located.  But I have yet to find it.  I've uninstalled FSUIPC5 and installed v6 a few times now and still I have yet to find this file.  Its being created though.  Profiles are being saved but I want to import my v5 profiles over.  Any help? I'm running both P3Dv4 and v5.

Will note, per page 6 of the manual  'Note that, as of FSUIPC6, the FSUIPC documentation is now installed in a subfolder of your windows Documents
folder, called FSUIPC6.'  The .ini file is not located here on my installation. The only file in that folder is 'add-on.xml'

Further Edit: It seems that my .ini file for P3Dv5 is located in my Modules folder for P3Dv4 not in the above mentioned folder.  Reviewing the Text string in the 'add-on.xml' It points to that directory.  I'm just going to go out and say it. But this is a bad bad idea.  In about 4 or 5 months when everyone moves on from P3Dv4 and uninstalls it this folder will no longer exist. I like how you have the default FSUIPC folder located in Documents now but to redirect to P3Dv4 isn't the way I would have gone in this respect.  Just my input as it doesn't actually match what the manual says.  This is for anyone else whose been scratching their heads tracking it down as well.

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FSUIPC6 is installed in the folder that YOU SELECT during the installation process. It has a default location (it has to!) which is:
  - if an existing version of FSUIPC5 or 6 is found for the sim you are installing into, it will default to the same folder
  - for a new/clean installation, it defaults to the P3D defined default add-on.xml location. It is recommended to change this

So, in your case, as you previously had FSUIPC5 installed in the P3Dv4 Modules folder, it will default to this. You should have changed this during the installation process.

Basically, it has been designed to install wherever you want. You just have to pay attention during the install process and choose the location to install rather than blindly accepting the default value.

This is all explained in the provided Installation and Registration guide.

If you want to move it to a different location, just re-run the installer,  and this time select the folder in which you want to install.

Also note, that you can have one installation for P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 if you like (i.e. one folder for both sims), or you can have separate installations for each sim, by running the installer twice.  Again, all explained in the Installation manual.


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