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Game keeps crashing Tower3dPro


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After working flawlessly for sometime my game started to crash after playing the game for about 10 mins. Already tried re-installing the game and updating my graphical drivers.

Hope someone can help me.

Main error

tower3d.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
  in module tower3d.exe at 0033:ccb313d0.

Error and output files from the latest crash



Kind regards,


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just tried with my firewall disabled and the game crashed after just 20 seconds of controlling. I've removed my antivirus a couple of days before and haven't noticed any changes.

I could provide the dump file if it might help to solve the problem.

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A quick search on the Microsoft website reveals that an Access Violation occurs mainly in case of a memory corruption. (This can relate to both RAM and virtual memory.)

I would do the following:

  • Make sure the RAM is not faulty, is properly connected to the motherboard, and is configured correctly (single/dual channel, volts, speeds)
  • Make sure that Windows is up to date, as well as all drivers, especially graphics card, network and audio drivers
  • Ensure that the virtual memory (Pagefile) is managed by Windows
  • If the virtual memory is already managed by Windows, deactivate it temporarily for testing purposes

Should this not lead to success, a deeper analysis via the forum will probably be difficult.

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