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Raspberry Pi 4 ?


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First of all: Which is "this game"?

Second: Have you been successfully able to run software under Windows XP on a Pi 4 (in case you're looking at Tower! 2011)?

Third: I doubt the graphics chip on the Pi 4 has enough performance, even for the 2011 version.

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I don't think you will be able to run Tower! 2011 on a Pi, just to make this absolutely clear.

Whether or not you could run Tower!3D depends on your budget. (And "cheap" is not exactly precise...) On-board graphics like Intel HD 630 or Radeon Vega wouldn't run the game flawlessly, either. It's better to look at the "Recommended" specs than on minimum requirements, because the latter mean the smallest possible settings with a perfectly new (and never updated) operating system... The problem is that graphics cards, even older ones, have become fracking expensive (for manufacturers, the Bitcoin bubble was a warm financial shower, and they kind of got used to that pricing level). If I look at what Best Buy has to offer, their cheapest PC with a graphics card is $950 (but it would definitely run Tower!3D...). A cheaper option might be some office-level desktop PC (with AMD Ryzen 5 or Intel Core i5 CPU and 8+ GB RAM) and adding a video card like a Radeon RX570 (~ $140) yourself, but that would still get you close to the $700 threshold.

(My system is a 7-year-old AMD A10, 8 GB RAM, Radeon RX 560 graphics card - after my old card had burnt through and had to be replaced - and a 500 GB Samsung SSD.)

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On 10/2/2020 at 10:34 PM, kidjudge said:

Can I run this game on a Raspberry pi 4? If not what other CHEAP  computers OFF THE SHELF can I run this on? I have read the specs and all for the game but I would like a cheap computer to run  this 

What other equipment do you have?

Earlier this year I purchased the following to run Tower 3D, all for about £200 the same as the cost of purchasing the software (Tower 3D, OMDB, and Real Color) - 
Two Lenovo 19" monitors (£30 each)
Lenovo M92p i5 3470 (£75)
3 x 8GB RAM (£10 each) 
Gigabyte GTX 750TI 2GB (£50)

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Run the game yeah sure, play it not so much.  Low traffic on an optimized airport maybe for a bit but I doubt it would be a good experience.  Cheap off the shelf?  A more modern i3 or Ryzen 3 with 4 cores would be a bare minimum.  8gb of ram and any storage device.  You'll want a GPU vs onboard and could likely get away with a lower end one but that will add cost. 

If you build one yourself you can find some decent stuff on the used market that will get you by for less most likely.  

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