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Issue - Plane Liveries off center = SOLVED


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Hoping someone can assist as I have not seen this before.   Firstly, my Tower3D Pro was working fine last week but now when I load up any airport, the plane liveries are not on the planes correctly, they look off center.   I uninstalled and reinstalled and still getting same issue.  I am running as administrator.  Has anyone seen this before and any recommendations on how to fix. Below are some pics from KPHL and CYVR showing issue.  I also attached output log from last attempt.  Any help would be appreciated.

KPHL.thumb.png.09c10c84384fd2c07052081e231f47b4.png CYVR.thumb.png.a2852dbcccf90f8207719ead1b266490.png


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Note issue solved in subject line
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i seem to be having this issue but different then the pictures you have it seems to be just on the tail of certain airlines and it is like the livery on the tail doesn't cover the whole tail the way it use to and I even tried uninstalling and installing everything and it is still doing this. So I am wondering if it might have something to do with the newest update with real traffic.

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If the issue still exists after reinstalling RC you should check your installation folder.

I had installed the game on a SSD drive different from my system drive and wasn´t able to fix the problem even with several reinstalls. After installing to the suggested path in the installation menu the problem was solved.

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