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Tower Pro 3D impossible launching Steam


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Since a while I am unable to launch the game Tower Pro 3D on Steam. When clicking on "Play", immediatly my game try to start and shut down.

I already do the follow things, but problem still there :

  • Correct the local folders via Steam
  • uninstall and install a new time Tower Pro 3D and Steam.
  • Check that the game is allowed via my McAfee protection softawre.
  • try to open ir via administrator link.

I don't have any log file in the app folder. Seeams nothing happen when trying to lauch the game then.

Thank you for your help.

I am using Windows 10 64 French RAM 16Go.

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Have you tried setting the operating system to 'EnglishUS'?

What are your video card specs?

Is Win10 up to date?

There is no Tower log file in:  ...\<tower root folder> \tower3d_Data\output_log.txt)?

(If the log file is there share it by attaching the document to your post. Attach the file, do not cut and past the file contents into a post!)

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1 hour ago, FeelThere Ariel said:

running the installer in ADMIN mode

To the best of my knowledge, this is not how Steam installations work. In addition, in most cases it is not advisable to start the Steam client with administrator rights, which someone might be tempted to do with this statement.

4 hours ago, scoobflight said:

Have you tried setting the operating system to 'EnglishUS'?

The language of the operating system does not affect the ability to launch the game. Moreover, the game can be played even if the system is not set to US English. Just the speech recognition would not work then.

Personally, with the exception of having the Windows sound settings reseted when updating to v2004, I have had no problems installing and launching the game, either with v1809, v1909, v2004, and v20H2, nor do I currently have any with the Steam version.
Still, reports seem to be piling up, here and in the Steam discussions, that there are problems launching the game. Perhaps FeelThere should start offering users to report on ZenDesk and collect detailed information about the hardware and software installed on the affected systems, including driver and Steam client versions as well as the possible use of dynamic and other third party desktop themes and other processes running in the background. Assistance should also be provided regarding possible problems with directory and user rights. Even if it's just a reference to Windows or Microsoft Knowledge Base articles or a test installation of the game outside the default Steam directory and outside the default windows directories, such as the Program Files folders.
This will certainly help to find the cause of the problem rather than giving standardized answers to the reports.

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