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Set Future Pause for MSFS or P3D


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The SetPauseMSFS&P3D.lua script attached below makes use of the FSUIPC Lua event and wnd libraries (as suggested by John Dowson) and can be used to pause MSFS or P3Dv4.5/v5.1 from 1 minute to days after the script is run. When run, the script asks for a pause time and if none if provided within two minutes the script closes with a brief message. If a pause time is entered, for example 260 minutes until a Top of Descent, the user would see


Then after hitting the Enter key the display would change to


This display will change once per minute as the time to pause counts down towards zero.

If the user decides to cancel the pending (future) pause with the Enter key, the display briefly changes to



When the pause time is reached, the sim pauses and looks just like a pause had been initiated with the ESC key.  To cancel a paused sim you just need to click on Resume, or push ESC.

This script uses the wnd (Window ) library for display, so you can move the display window with the arrow keys and use the ctrl + arrow keys to resize the window. The window must have the focus to do this. The new window display position will be stored in your FSUIPC .ini file. As an alternative to using the arrow keys you can directly edit the window position and size coordinates in the FSUIPC7.ini file. Look for the entry under [ExtWindow].  It seems best to do this when FSUIPC7 is not running. You may also have to edit the window size and position in the lua file.

The ESC in MSFS and P3D works as a toggle pause key. So if you were to set a future pause time with this script, and then pause the sim ‘manually’ by pushing the ESC key, when the time until pause reached zero, it would unpause the sim. While kind of interesting, I’m not sure what the utility of this is!  🙂

If using MSFS this script requires at least FSUIPC version 7.0.4, or at least FSUIPC version 6.0.12 for P3D.




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On 3/19/2021 at 7:31 AM, grigna said:

Very interesting, but how implement it?

Does it have to be associated with a button?



Just saw your question here-- sorry I didn't notice it sooner. You need to put the Lua script in the same location as your FSUIPC.ini file, and then use FSUIPC to assign either a keyboard key or button to activate (call) the script.


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I tried this script today, and when I activate it, I just get a flash of a white rectangle (which I guess is the outline of what was supposed to be a text box/prompt). I dont get anything to enter the time till pause. I guess this lua doesn't work anymore?


Is there an alternative? I would really like a pause at tod or pause x nm from destination function. 

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9 hours ago, Heisenberg1979 said:

Is there a way to move the window position ?

It uses the wnd library, so you can use the arrow keys to move the window and the ctrl + arrow keys to resize. Give focus to the window first. The position will be remembered, i.e. stored in your FSUIPC .ini file. You can also directly edit the position and size coordinates in the .ini file if you like, but only when the window isn't being displayed.

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