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The bigger question is where things stand with the next version of Tower!.  I would deduce that their relative silence in the last couple of months, combined with the slower pace of new DLC releases, means that they are "heads down" in the nitty gritty of completing it.  Time will tell, I supose, even if Vic does not 😉



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You may be onto something. I hope when they come out with the next version that they will do airports that they haven't done before. Maybe finish off all the tower 2011 airports into a 3D version. CYYZ is one I would love to see. I'm sure they will put a beginner's airport in the new version like they did St Thomas. Maybe they will do another airport down there like St Marteens.

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St Thomas (TIST) is going to be one of the airport of the next version for sure 🙂 It's pretty much the "standard" Tower airport like Meigs Field was for Flight Sim for so many years.
We are not working on airports for the current version and we are well into the development of the new Tower. I can't confirm (no surprise...) anything yet because we are still far away from the point where we could announce some feature that we later have to cancel because for example performance issues. But I can confirm, we are adding lots of  the requested features and the visuals are going to be much better. Almost all editors we use during the development will be available for the community. 

Thank you


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