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Windows 11 + FSUIPC7 crash


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On 7/5/2021 at 10:46 AM, Billydragon said:

After upgrade to Windows 11, my MSFS 2020 running without error but FSUIPC7 is crash end closed randomly. Here is log file.

It's always risky moving to the pre-release (Beta probably) of a new version of Windows, especially when also running what is effectively still a Beta version of FS.

Anyway the Log file shows clearly that it is MSFS which is either crashing, or at least ceasing the SimConnect operations:

  1225282 MSFS no longer running - exiting
FSUIPC7 then proceeds to a normal tidy shut down (there's an option to keep it running without MSFS if you wish):

  1238672 *** FSUIPC log file being closed
Minimum frame rate was 22.2 fps, Maximum was 67.0 fps
Average frame rate for running time of 1157 secs = 40.8 fps
Maximum AI traffic for session was 3 aircraft
Traffic deletions 0 aircraft
Memory managed: 187 Allocs, 185 Freed
********* FSUIPC Log file closed ***********

So, you need to check the Windows Event Viewer to see what sort of error is detected in MSFS.

I note that you have a lot of unnecessary logging enabled in FSUIPC. I suggest you only enable log options when needed for specific reasons.

You are also running LINDA which has a lot of its own drivers and modules. When checking into problems I think you should first disable Linda (rename Linda.exe and Linda.lua so they don't run).



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thank you Pete Dowson.

Crash happened only FSUIPC7 terminated it self and all programs opened by FSUIPC terminated. MSFS it self still running normal.

I make clean re install Linda, FTDI driver for Vrinsight, clean install FSUIPC, remove not in used addons then MSFS is running without error now. I think Linda is reason because Linda offten restart when i flying. But no more crash or terminated FSUIPC or Linda. Will try more.

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3 hours ago, Billydragon said:

Crash happened only FSUIPC7 terminated it self and all programs opened by FSUIPC terminated. MSFS it self still running normal.

FSUIPC terminated because MSFS stopped "running normally". It may have appeared to keep running but it stopped talking to applications via SimConnect. FSUIPC closed normally and tidily because of this, and of course tidily terminated the programs it was supposed to according to your configuration. There was no crash in FSUIPC -- if there was it couldn't have terminated tidily and closed the logging properly.

Check the Windows Event Viewer.



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19 hours ago, Scott Gustafson said:

I was getting a crash after installing  Windows 11 as well.  In my case is was the device driver Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer.  No issues with FSUIPC7.  Once I removed that device driver no more MSFS 2020 crashes.   I figured someone might end up here thinking the issue is FSUIPC and this post may help them.

Ok, thanks for the info.

Note that for those experiencing the Windows 11 issue with MSFS not being detected and FSUIPC7 closing soon after start-up, even thought MSFS i still running, there is a new version of FSUIPC7 available in the following post which allows for an additional FSUIPC ini parameter to disable the MSFS window monitor which will keep FSUIPC7 running: 


This additional functionality will be released in the next official release, v7.2.12 (in the next few days).


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