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Hi, I just purchased the game on Steam and I'm trying to get it running but it's crashing on launch every time. I've followed a bunch of posts on here for people having similar issues but so far no joy in getting it running. Firstly, this is a new install of windows on a new PC (installed Saturday 21st Aug) with all updates applied and latest drivers installed. I am from the UK and using English (UK) but I do have English (US) installed, and set US as the default speech recognition language. So far I have tried:

  • Adding # prevent Tower!3D Pro from phoning home

    to my hosts file

  • Running as administrator and running the batch file

  • Verifying integrity of game files in Steam

This is a fresh install of the game with no mods added. I have zipped up my DXDiag and game.log and uploaded them. I hope someone can help as I really want to get this game working.

Tower 3D Pro.7z

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5 hours ago, StyphonUK said:

Why isn't adding that IP to my hosts file enough?

It is possible (although unlikely) that the game contacts different servers in different regions, or by using a proxy or VPN, the connection bypasses the standard local IP address. You may need to adjust your local address (LAN address, the leading one).

If you are using a firewall, you can open the network monitor of the firewall software and might track (ethernet enabled) which server the game is contacting and how. Then you should be able to adjust the hosts file accordingly or (and) prohibit access directly in your firewall software.

Honestly, I don't understand why the developer doesn't just turn off this connectivity. It only leads to problems and frustration for the customer and if I'm not mistaken, serves solely to display advertising or update information for a game for which there are no updates for a long time.

It is also possible that it is not just the IP access, but there is an underlying problem as well. Since I don't have any problems loading the game, I can't really get to the bottom of this.

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Since you are launching through steam the game could be getting the online / region details from there vs through the hosts file like a standalone app would.  I recall in the past to get some games working having to go edit my steam location so it would allow me to get around region specifics. 

I'm not sure if there is a launch command that you can put in to force it offline but may be worth looking into.
Also not sure if windows firewall can lock network connectivity down enough for it to work but worth a shot. 

If you have a VPN program that lets you specify applications that are allowed to use the internet or not you may also be able to shut it down that way without having to force steam offline overall or disconnecting from the network.   I'm not sure if configuring a proxy from another region would work either but maybe. 

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