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Is there anyone out there who could give a COMPLETE list of all the planes that have new real color to them?  For example, I noticed that the smaller narrow body Aer Lingus planes have the new liveries, but the largers A330 has the old livery.  Could we have an updated list of every plane who has updated liveries? Thank you. It'd be much appreciated. 

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26 minutes ago, nrholland said:

Will they show up if you download and install any normal add-on? Or do I have to go into textures and changes numbers or something like that?

For the air lingus it would be the kewr and egll for real color and for west jet it would be the the new update package 

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10 hours ago, nrholland said:

I had a question about the new real colors.  I'm looking to see if new liveries for Aer Lingus (wide body) and Westjet have been updated.  Please let me know.  Thank you.

To expand on @Braf123456comments and to explain my file in more clarity I have searched and highlighted the info you are after in the attached screenshots. If you filter on the airline required in the Full RC List tab in the file either in the airline name or IATA code (in your case Aer Lingus and WestJet) it will show you what is in each RC pack. For info the game loads using the latest Texpack as the default model used in the game/schedule so using the A333_ei as an example if you wanted this one in game play you would only need the EGLL RC pack, for the A332_ei the KIAD RC Pack and for B789_ws you would need the latest RC pack 1 for the correct livery etc etc.

Hope this helps and explains how to use the file I created in a more informative manner.

Gary (PedanticG)

Aer Lingus.png


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