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  1. Steam update 2/20

    I did short session at BOS (probably about 50 min, starting at 15:00) and I noticed one aircraft that kept the beacons on after parking. I'd say it's 95+% fixed but maybe a small number of exceptions still out there. And I agree with previous comments about the taxing, massive improvement over previous versions! Well done with that Feel There!
  2. Steam update 2/20

    Steam installed a game update today but I can't find any information on what was included. Anyone know the details?
  3. BOS - Aircraft stopping at incorrect hold line

    I don't think right turns are allowed there in real life; look at the satellite picture above, there is no taxi line for right turns from J to B.
  4. Unused gates at LAX

    Scott, Thanks for the info, that makes sense. And as for the outbound flight logic, I should clarify that I meant the initial loading of a session; when a session is started just about every gate is already occupied which of course throws off the rest of the gate usage for the duration of the session.
  5. Unused gates at LAX

    Happy New Year to everyone! There are two gates at LAX which do not seem to be active in the sim. One is along the right side (when facing the 24s from the tower) of Terminal 3 and the second is along the right side (when facing the 25s from the tower) of Terminal 7. I ran a session starting at 05:00 and finished shortly before 08:00 and neither gate was used despite getting tons of "no free terminal" errors. See the attached screenshots and log. I feel like the no free terminal dilemma is a lot more noticeable at LAX than the other airports. I'm sure I'm stating the obvious but it would be nice if the sim could read the schedules and use incoming aircraft for outgoing flights instead of pre-populating aircraft for the outgoing flights. I think that would be one of my top requests for a future version of the sim. output_log.txt
  6. KBOS - Aircraft do a 360 after departing runway 33L

    AJ, In the attached log the spin occurred with DAL809, UAL203, and AAL175. Also, in a slightly related issue, DAL2079 did a 360 on the ground after it taxied onto and before it departed from runway 33L (see screenshot). This is the first and only time I've seen that happen. output_log.txt
  7. BOS - Aircraft stopping at incorrect hold line

    Yes, this hold point was added after the initial release of BOS. As you can see from the satellite picture below there are two lines. One for aircraft taxing from the terminals on B to the J holding/deice pads and runways 9 & 4R; this is the line the aircraft are stopping at in the sim. The second line is on taxiway J and is for aircraft vacating runway 32 and the pads from J & J1. It looks like the line is in the sim the aircraft are just ignoring it. It is definitely a minor issue but it could result in a collision if you happen to have multiple aircraft taxing through that area.
  8. Almost all of the aircraft (I haven't quite figured out which ones do and do not but, I think anything larger than a CRJ9/E190 is affected) do a complete spin at around 400 feet after departing runway 33L at KBOS. It doesn't seem to have any impact on the game other than it's a bit weird and annoying. I haven't been able to get a screenshot as the spin is very quick and I can't react in time. I'll see if I can figure out how to record it though. I have attached my most recent log if it helps. output_log.txt
  9. Aircraft are stopping at the incorrect hold line at the Bravo Hold point (intersection of taxiway B & J). The issue occurs when aircraft land on runway 32 and exit onto taxiway J1 or J. The aircraft should stop at the hold line on taxiway J but instead go through that line and stop at the hold line on taxiway B. In the attached screenshot the JetBlue E90 is seen stopped at the line on taxiway B while the line on taxiway J (the one it should have stopped at) is behind the aircraft. output_log.txt
  10. Boston Airport and 77W

    Just did another session, found a couple more. Here's the breakdown so far: 1. B77W is unable to use any of the runways - type should be able to use 15R/33L and 4R/22L 2. A321 is unable to use 9/27 - type should be able to use 9/27, 4L/22R, 4R/22L and 15R/33L 3. A343 can only use 15R/33L - type should be able to use 15R/33L and 4R/22L 4. B748 can only use 15R/33L - type should be able to use 15R/33L and 4R/22L output_log.txt
  11. Boston Airport and 77W

    I played some KBOS last night and ran into the issue again, I was hoping it had been addressed in the BOS SP. The A321 is also a problem at BOS as it cannot accept 9/27. The A321 has a better takeoff performance than the B739 and yet that type has no issue with 9/27. I hope both issues will be addressed in a later SP. The current RT schedule doesn't include it but BOS does have some limited A380 service now on BA and, to the best of my knowledge, that is the only aircraft which has significant performance limitations at Logan. The A380 can only use 4R/22L and 33L/15R, which was a problem over the summer when 4R/22L was closed for reconstruction. Most of the other heavies will use those two runways as well but, in theory, all of them are capable of utilizing 4L/22R and even occasionally (as I pointed out in a previous post) 9/27.
  12. Boston Airport and 77W

    I flew BOS-SFO on a UA 772A a few months ago and was surprised when we departed from 9 so, even a widebody with transcon fuel load can handle it if the winds are right.
  13. Taxi Path Yankee at KBOS missing part #FeelThere

    I believe it is a limitation of the sim which is not exclusive to BOS; you can't use runways to taxi at any of the airports. It would be nice if a future update would allow taxi along inactive runways. In reality, it is fairly common for ATC to route aircraft along 15L/33R at BOS; the runway is used almost exclusively as a taxiway. I worked at BOS a while back and I only witnessed two operations on that runway (a 9K C402 and a PC12, both landings). The runway is too short for even a lightly loaded C402 to depart from and the complete lack of safety runoffs makes landing somewhat precarious too. It is also two close to 15R/33L to allow for parallel approaches so it is really only useful for those one-in-million approaches of a small single engine or lightly loaded twin-engine prop that happens to be close to a larger fast moving aircraft on approach to 15R/33L but, not too close to warrant a separation conflict...
  14. #Nyerges Tower3D Pro KBOS Cape Air Aircraft type

    I don't know for sure if the Cair numbers are restricted to a certain digit count but, in most cases, they seem to be between one and three digits while the advertised flight numbers are either three or four digits. I also can not speak to how the developers made the schedule but, the flights which use the CNA aircraft type on Flightaware are generally duplicates and should more often than not be ignored.
  15. #Nyerges Tower3D Pro KBOS Cape Air Aircraft type

    The reason there are two entries on Flightaware is that each Cape Air pilot has their own distinct callsign or "Cair Number." The flight plans and all ATC transmissions use that Cair number instead of the customer-facing "Flight Number" used on most other carriers. In the example above, "42" is the Cair Number associated with a particular pilot and KAP42 is the callsign used for that flight. KAP5431 is the advertised flight number (all flights between BOS-ACK start with a 5). If you watch Cape Air on Flightaware you will notice the flight plans using the Cair Numbers are the actual flights while the ones using the Flight Numbers are duplicate ghost flights which tend to be on a brief delay.