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  1. super traffic board

    1: i am using fsx gold edition 2: yea on the same pc 3:btw..i dont have simconnect.cfg in my documents i even dont know which folder it is checked it already
  2. super traffic board

    dont know what to do..it still does not work or connect to fsx
  3. super traffic board

    alright..so i will install it all again...Crtl-Shift-S” Toggle Transmissions to STB also dont work.i cant hear a sound...nothing happen when i press it i use network frame 4.5,is that also a problem? I am installing fsx after then UT2 2.09 and after all the stb plus the standalone update, if there is a simconnect.cfg in my docs i have to delete then? btw i am using adblock plus
  4. super traffic board

    no one can help? tsk
  5. super traffic board

    hi guys, i did install fsx ut2 and STB after one year again...i have a problem with the stb..it just wont connect...the press button is still yellow...it says wait some minutes above..but nothing happen.-.also how to windowed fsx? before i had not those problems can someone help?