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  1. tim86

    Which aiport should I purchase next?

    cool decision.try out those shedules from crbascott and ATC Joe as well..its really on fire...regards
  2. tim86

    Which aiport should I purchase next?

    Barcelona and London Gatwick with the shedules of the forum are awesome but i also would recommend JFK,bigger aircraft plus busy days as well and so so many different airlines arriving and departing.. regards timmy
  3. tim86


    dang...thats cool ever...I like open minded people😂
  4. good day, what about new polls for future updates? here is my advice: you might creating poll ideas for areas of the world and people can vote for,example: poll south(east) asia airports: 1.Hongkong 2.Tokyo Haneda 3.Bangkok,4,Singapore,5.Jakarta(Indonesia) 6.Seoul Incheon etc. poll south american airports: Rio de Janeiro,Sao Paulo,Buenos Aires etc. poll europe: London Heathrow,Frankfurt Rhein-Main,Amsterdam Shiphol,Rom-Fiumicino etc. that would be great to. regards timmy
  5. tim86


  6. tim86


    same here...and also,not all of us using social media right.i feel sad about it,btw why not creating a poll out of US-Airports..I understand if here are so many americans and like to see their airports..but whats with other parts in the world? like some people in Steam recommend about some interesting airports on islands like Incheon or the Tokyo Haneda,Singapore Changi as well.I hope the developers will think about it.I love to play the US-Airports but i would be much happy if they will have a look at asian airports and might create some interesting airports from Asia soon. regards timmy
  7. tim86


    hey good day, so CYVR will be released first instead of Dubai? kind regards timmy so
  8. Dusseldorf International Airport December 18-2019
  9. Chinggis Khaan International Airport December 19-2019
  10. Moscow-Scheremetjewo March 11-2019
  11. Moscow-Scheremetjewo March 11-2019
  12. tim86

    RC Bundle - Why No Update Yet?

    where did you buy it?

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