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  1. tim86

    Voted Schedule- KFSO

    great one,.-.,had a lot of fun on my first day..thanks
  2. tim86

    Question for the schedule writers

    depends which airport shedules i want to create.-.usually i visiting the airport site bout arrivals and deparatures...
  3. london stansted in 2017
  4. changi 2015..sorry its too dark cuz i arrived in night
  5. tim86

    Creating schedules

    probably too many flights and not enough gates.-.did you check the terminals if your airline is listed? i had the same with san francisco..some flights delayed different time arrived cuz of the gates...but its loading always to 1oo percent?
  6. tim86

    eddm schedule

    crazy traffic..i got ground collision ha ha
  7. tim86

    EDDM livery missed

    its crazy how many issues eddm got.-.runaway stucks.-.pushback stucks.-.gosh...
  8. tim86

    EDDM livery missed

    not my mistake if the forum is full of "EDDMs"post.-.then admin should delete some post already cuz i am also confused.and no did not read bout it yet..only bout the thai livery.-.
  9. tim86

    EDDM livery missed

    good day, the thai livery were fixed as i noticed in the last update.-.but i still found another blank airplane...someone have same issue? looks like another b474 also right
  10. tim86


    also changi airport hehe
  11. tim86


  12. tim86


    yea i thought so.-.the same we can do with swiss right? but instead of 772 then changing to the airbus 333 right
  13. tim86


    thats cool--thanks--.do u even know how to create liveries for those albino airplanes? or is there not an creator for it? regards tim
  14. tim86

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    nice shedule--.thanks for your work..btw the scandinavien 333 has no livery yet right? regards tim

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