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  1. Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    in the readme it says update 2-19 so thats the right files..u welcome regards
  2. Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    here u go... https://www.dropbox.com/s/yi68w9205bt5jkq/LAXscheduleV2.0.zip?dl=0 make sure the last update is feb 19.-.but it should be if u download the files... regards
  3. Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    alright will do..i just thought some people know how to create liveries for aircrafts esp.for tower 3d or some patchers are here in the forum...btw i am excited for ur boston shedules...very good stuff
  4. Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    really loving your shedules..thanks much for it..one question,possible for the new airlines/aircafts to create liveries? like lufthansa cargo freighter md or american 789?? regards
  5. Tower 3d Boston

    but problem is solved..i described above how to fix those textures of the missing liveries...
  6. Tower 3d Boston

    its the same prob like before..every add-on is creating a double tower 3d file...so have to delete the second and install the add on again to the existing texturepack files..thats all..boston and jfk has all liveries now here... regards
  7. Tower 3d Boston

    here are some screenshoots.-.
  8. Tower 3d Boston

    yea will do a screenshoot later,will play some hours again in boston...
  9. Tower 3d Boston

    yea i got it all.-.mostly aircrafts shwowing up their liveries but i noticed some delta do not
  10. Tower 3d Boston

    hey there... bought boston today..nice airport..works very well....but some liveries are missing like some delta aircraft..can the developers maybe check it? regards
  11. Tower 3D KJFK not working

    you think jfk will work with those settings of my new comp?
  12. Tower 3D KJFK not working

    hmmmmm...first thanks for response.-.i got a refund of justflight cuz we could not make it work after all..i can give it a try to buy it on the atcsuite page and also i got a new comp so should be fine with the requirements..but can i ask you if it still not work if u will refund me also? i would really like to play the jfk but i tried in many different ways and it still did not work out so am a bit confused where the real issues are? regards
  13. Tower 3D KJFK not working

    we are a little bit confused now.-.