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  1. Aussie1234

    STB V4 for Prepar3D and Prepar3D V4.4

    I only updated the P3D Client and the P3D Content to v4.4 yesterday. A few flights from various airfields around the world and STB on a networked machine is working well. So far so good.
  2. Aussie1234

    Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey

    You can move me out of the 'Planning to buy Tower!3D Pro' to the owning 'Tower!3D Pro'. 🙂 The sale convinced me to make the jump as I await YMML. Very impressed with the voice control, RC and RT. Aussie
  3. Aussie1234

    Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey

    I'm in the 'waiting to buy the Tower!3D Pro version' camp. I'm in no rush to purchase at the moment. (I'm waiting for any release of an Australian airport and traffic). Enjoying all the videos that are out there. Aussie
  4. Aussie1234


    Hello Pete, No, I do not have solution. The only way I have learnt anything about firewalls is when my PCs or applications suddenly stop talking to each other or following Windows updates. I've recently slowly replaced all of my PCs in my Prosim 737 connected cockpit. Each one takes a bit of time to set up and ensuring they all talk to each other and remembering the fixes that I put in place a few years ago (and didn't document). I've never had a problem with WideFS Thank you again for you great work. Aussie
  5. Aussie1234


    Just thinking, I have spend days, chasing firewall and defender issues on my multiple PC cockpit. Every Win 10 update seems to re-close holes I have made. Just thinking, Wouldn't it be good if every add-on punched holes in the firewall in the same manner, or had a button to remake an exclusion on multiple PCs, or allowed you to change ports at will, without re-installing or making command line changes. Some packages seem to do it better than others. I'm still trying to get my head around how Sim connect communicates. Anyhow, just a thought as I await the next Win 10 update. 🙂 Aussie
  6. Aussie1234

    Running MakeRunways 4.82

    Hello Surfcandy, If I can try and assist: A number of programs (eg. Super Traffic Board, Prosim) have MakeRunways 'built in' (supplied within their download). You go into their configuration and press something like 'Update database'. It will run MakeRunways and replace the files, from the suite of files MakeRunways creates, (that it needs to reference), into it's database collection. Some other programs expect you to remember to run Makerunways separately (PF3-ATC, RaaS etc. I believe) and copy the updated data into it's database area. Whenever I buy new Orbx scenery, I routinely go around and update the databases in the other navigation based add-ons that I have. (often the number of Airfields and Start Positions increase) This is where it is important to keep the addon packages that have Makerunways 'built in' updated as well, because they will be including the latest version of Peter's work in their updates. If your addon asked you to run MakeRunways back when you installed it, I would consider running it again and transferring the couple of files, as you did way back then. Hope that helps. Thank you Peter for all your work.
  7. Just wondering; When you have selected 'Arrivals/Departures' or Departures/Arrivals' would it be possible to have the lower panel undockable? To be dragged to another screen? This way one screen could show Arrivals and your other the other Departures without having to fire up another instance of the Client on another machine? (May be too difficult) Aussie
  8. Aussie1234

    Round Down Distance?

    Hello Simon. Is there any way of rounding down the Distance from the Airport figure? Having that precision may be useful in the distance from the User plane but I don't think it is at the Airport.Three decimal points seems to be a bit specific. When the minus sign comes up on the Board it looks really odd. Maybe a tick box in the Configuration? By the way: I use a 32 inch screen in the large work area behind my closed-in B737 cockpit for visitors and another 19 inch viewable outside my right window. Looks great! Thanks again. Aussie.
  9. Aussie1234

    MODULES not showing up in P3D V4.1

    Hello Peter, Early last night (before you would have seen my message) I fixed up the Path line with the full LM address in the DLL.XML file. I tested it, and it didn't look like it had not worked in the Options sub-menu but then I noticed the new Add-on tab on the main menu and my Prosim came alive. I'm happy. Aussie
  10. Aussie1234

    MODULES not showing up in P3D V4.1

    Hello Peter, I have been doing a bit of research this afternoon. I realise that FSUIPC should be showing up in the Options > Add-ins menu entry (my bad - should have read the whole manual) One thing I did notice was that the DLL.XML has created the <Path> line with about 50 spaces in the middle of the line and not the full path to the Simulator. I tried correcting and saving the file with Notepad but it still did not help. I do have Orbx Objectflow in the Options> Add-ins and that appears (and works) OK. FTX launch that with some other method. I un-ticked the ENABLED box and tried restarting P3D but it didn't help. Regards, Aussie
  11. Hello Peter, I'm another one who can't get FSUIPC5 to show up. I purchased the package yesterday and downloaded from the store (as I have done for FS9 and FSX previously). I ran the installer from F: drive, as Admin, and it installed OK. I chose not to enter the Registration at that stage. When I started P3D V4.1, the FSUIPC was not in the Options> Add-in menu. I shut down and started to look for a solution on the web and found your forum. I deleted the contents of the Modules folder and deleted the DLL.XML (even though it's contents looked like the sample you gave). I re-ran the installer (as Admin) this morning and it installed OK. I chose to Register at this point and that ran OK as well and produced a Key. Started P3D and there is still no add-in in the Menu. I have Windows 10 (self updating), P3D V4.1, REX, and some Orbx scenery. No other add ins. I have attached the two files you normally ask for: Regards, Aussie FSUIPC5 Install.log FSUIPC5 Install.log DLL.XML

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