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  1. Hi Simon, I downloaded MSFS on day one and had a look around. In my case, multiple screens and the ability to interface hardware and systems is important. It has no ability to do this so I'm back with P3d v4.5, Orbx, GSX2, REX, Active Sky, STB and loving it. Over on the Prosim forum, the moderators and developers are countering numerous questions, and pointing out how bad the SDK and the SimConnect connectivity is (at the moment) for developers. I guess it will improve with time, but MS is not making it easy for developers dealing with their clients expectations. Thanks for kee
  2. Working well next to my 75" side view 😃
  3. Flight number changing facility seems to work OK for me Simon. Not much testing as yet.
  4. Ohh..… Interesting. I am imagining seeing real current Flight Aware data on my Arrival and Departure screens. That will be impressive. Selecting a pilot's eye view of an actual arriving flight number. That would be nice. Feeling guilty when you press delete flight … don't know about that. 🤔
  5. If you have an Arrival and a Departure airfield entered into STB (eg. YSCB, YSSY) as you begin your flight, or if you have a flight plan entered into P3D that it can read ,then STD will update itself with AI arrivals and departures from airfields within a radius of your aircraft as you progress. You can limit it switching to smaller airfields en-route by setting an exclusion for airfields having say, less that 5 movements.
  6. Sorry Hani, You will need to wait for Simon to help. Personally, I have STB Clients running on three old separate PC's. One display for Arrivals, one for Departures, and a newer separate one driving an old 40 inch monitor, vertical, for Arrivals/Departures outside my shed leading into the cockpit. I think Admin rights was the only problem I have had? You do need to make sure you have exactly the same version of Client as the Server. Aussie
  7. Just to jump in as another User Hani: You are running the Client as Administrator? (ticked the box in Properties>'Advanced' if you are using a shortcut?) Aussie
  8. I think you have posted in the wrong sub forum hosted on the simFlight network?
  9. Just checking... I use the Prosim-AR 737 (a full enclosed cockpit) and their 737-800 PBR model. Prosim and STB seem to talk to each other OK along the way. I used to get the 'unknown user state' message on start up which then jumped to 'Taxi' before I realised that the passenger signs switch set the 'Closed' status. Can you tell me what aircraft conditions STB checks for, on it's start up, so the I can save a default scenario, with all my hardware switches set in their appropriate position? ie. Passenger signs OFF, Does Exit 1 need to be open? Power OFF? I'm interested in the power
  10. Hello, A small request: would it be possible to revert to the standard .zip file as the delivery method? The latest .4000 update files have been archived as 7z format. I've just replaced my PC and everything I have re-installed all arrives as .zips and Win10 happily and freely unpacks them without having to download and install another program. I always worry about bloatware that come with free packages and I'd rather not install stuff if the default package works OK. Win 10 does not recognise the 7z format. Please let me know if it is not possible. Aussie
  11. Well that worked Simon. Not sure how the AI Observer got into the sequence in my case but, deleting it in the 'AI Observer management' and re-saving the default Scenario worked. Thanks again. Topic can be closed. 😃 Aussie
  12. Well, tried all the options I can think of yesterday and I can't keep the AI Observer out of the 'S' sequence. I did find that, on P3D start up if I open up the >View menu there is a selection for >AI Observer. Opening that item there is a drop down that I can select 'STB Observer' , delete it, and it is gone for that session of P3D. Start P3D again and the STB Observer is back and I need to go through the sequence again. Overnight, I was thinking, maybe I need to re-save the default Scenario, after deleting the STB Observer, and see what happens on start up. Aussie
  13. Just woken up here in OZ to your welcome reply Simon. Your explanation and suggestion makes a lot of sense. I'm pretty sure I have 'Enable AI Observer' unchecked on both Clients but I may have missed it. I'll try it later today. On the new server machine, I did run the stand alone version once when I installed it. Maybe I didn't turn the AI Observer feature OFF on that and that config is hanging around. Thanks again. Aussie
  14. I have been fortunate to have the wife let me get a new Flight Sim PC for the new year. (been 5 years since the last) I have now spend days uninstalling stuff off the old PC and installing on the new one. All is going well. The updated STB Server and Client came at a good time and I installed the OK. As I mentioned before, I use 2 instances of the Client to have a separately mounted Arrivals board and a Departure boards. During installation, I promptly turn off everything to do with AI viewing on the clients as I don't use it and during my early days it would CTD my overworked main PC run
  15. Just wanted to report this 202001900 update works well, for me, in the Server / Client mode on separate machines. A small thing I noticed is that, on my Client, set for showing Arrivals, the setting precision to '0' instead of the default '3' does not round down the miles from the airport. Otherwise, packages installed seamlessly on Server and Client. Running the new 'MakeRunways' and Database worked as it should. (I have yet to try making icons to replace the default 'X' icon at the many Aussie 'Yxxx' airports that I do not have airport images for. This is an excellent feature.
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