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  1. @surfcandy, I own the steam version of tower 3d pro, and also have all the airports, all the real color and the real traffic additions. I have no problems, no issues. Just make sure when you install the "real" additions, that you answer "tower 3d pro steam" during install, make sure its on the correct drive letter, and you'll have no problems.
  2. Hi @jonas243 Well, its pretty easy with an airport like KMCO. As long as you don't have any distractions, its a real easy airport to manage at any time day or night. Don't forget you have the pause button, so you can play an hour or so, hit pause, go do other things, and return later. A 4 or 6 hour session doesn't mean with no break. Just pause and walk away for a while. Sometimes its nice to sit down and you take over at an already active session. Its probably a bad habit, for you are leaving your pc on doing that, but its doable.
  3. @jonas243, No worries about "attacking my personal preference". Nothing taken personally, for perhaps my play style is unusual.🙂 All due respect to everyone here, I believe that a game of this caliper should be able to be played for more than several hours before needing a hard reset. Its a day/night time dependent ATC "simulator" with supposedly unending incoming and outgoing aircraft traffic. Why wouldn't people play longer than a few hours in a single day? In the mean time, I still enjoy playing even with the spinning midair aircraft, aircraft that won't push back, aircraft that travel through the center of the terminal buildings, the PTT lags, and other funky bugs that rear their heads during play. 🙂 I just keep telling myself "Its just a video game".
  4. I'm raising my hand. While it will seem I "have no life", I've played that long before. The game has a "pause" function, and I use it often in order to take advantage of an entire day's worth of traffic. With the discussed KMCO airport, I've played midnight to midnight real traffic only placing the game on pause, or keeping track of when I stop and start the game. If I stopped at 11am, the next time I play, I'll start it up at that time. However, using the pause function, I have no doubt I've played a single session well over 8 hours. I do, however, find myself resetting the game due to traffic lagging, PTT becoming non-responsive, or some other issue that tends to pop up when you play the game for long periods of time.
  5. How about some kind of auto organize of the tags? When aircraft bunch up together. I find myself mousing the tags around manually sometimes. Is it reasonable to have some kind of auto organize them so they arn't on top of each other?
  6. RE:How are folks enjoying EDDM Eh.... lol I play EDDM on Global ATC Sim by default, so the strips were known to me when I purchased it. Always good to have new airports. Thank goodness for "real" additions, its a selling point for me on the game. I've said this before, but the real traffic/color should be built into the main game by default IMHO. Sorta unfortunate to have to pay almost thirty bucks each new airport.
  7. I was surprised by this change as well, but was pretty painless to add the files to the set. The "readme" file in the zip can be taken literally.
  8. Thanks Vic! Outstanding! It really means a lot, and gives me some things to watch for when experimenting with the settings. No more detail needed. Actually could explain some of the things I've seen happen.
  9. Thank you sir, that would be absolutely amazing. :-)
  10. Hi Vic, It started out as a purely innocent question. I'm not looking for any information that you folks have reservations about discussing. I had no idea the question would be so controversial. I enjoy playing the game immensely, and simply wanted to understand more about how things work and why. How do I wish to use the data? Simply innocent personal gratification in understanding what the slider is actually doing when you move it, for it seems deeper than simply a mathematical reduction in traffic, and wanted to understand how I could use that slider to customize my game experience. I thought it also might be a cool discussion starter on the forums to throw around ideas and experiences. Had no idea it was going to be treated as if a spy is lurking around to steal secrets. I mean that with the utmost respect, for I had no idea that this was going to ruffle feathers with anyone to seek how things work in the game.
  11. crbascott, You did not offend me with your suggestion in any way. I have no problems "barking" back if I need to. :-) I apologize if my question is offensive to you or the feelthere folks. I'm a retired professional engineer, and have a keen interest in how things work. I wish there was a little less paranoia in why I'm asking. Its honestly purely innocent. They should be boasting about it and not hiding it. Its an awesome game. I surly wouldn't dump hundreds into it if I didn't think so.
  12. Yeah I guess I could do that. Kinda' funny, for I thought I was asking a simple question about a game I enjoy playing. Guess its super top secret, or no one has a clue.
  13. crbascott, Don't read too much into it. I'm really not interested in their "special sauce" recipe. I've got a ton of time in this game, 100% of the stream achievements, and 100% of the DLC including real additions, pretty much lived in the game compared to literally 99.8% of all steam players of Tower 3d pro. While that isn't really a boasting point, for it means I should "get a life", it does show I've put a lot of heart and soul in the game. With that said, the reason I'm duplicating the question is due to a frustration with the steam forums more than anything else. Most of the questions, by no fault of the devs, get me very vague or non-answers, and many times some are quite sarcastic (ie:"because", really isn't an answer to how something works). Much could be due to perhaps me posing the question improperly, or due to the majority of users on steam simply being kids. I signed up here, because I was tired of answers from steam forum users that pretty much are useless, and posed the question here to see if anyone really had a grasp on how it worked. Again, has nothing to do with "FeelThereDev" on steam, for he/she is dealing with a lot of ridiculous questions from the clueless on steam, and I get the impression they just don't have the time to expand on their answer. There are times I've set the density to 50%, and still receive what in some cases are 100% traffic, landing patterns containing a half dozen flights, all still about 6 or 7 mile separations. Just didn't seem to be "half" the traffic. Hence, my question, how does it work? If I understood it better, perhaps with a technical description containing "something useful" other than obvious, it would make more sense to me, and I would be more forgiving of things I didn't understand in the game. I simply have reservations that it works properly, and was seeking some more detail. Perhaps a discussion instead of a yes or no type response.
  14. Scar

    Career Mode?

    I'm not sure what a "Career" mode means. Tower 3d pro handles the simulation of ATC fairly well. I'm not interested in a sim that's a "Job simulation". Perhaps I misunderstand the meaning of career mode. I would rather see more detail placed on the realism of the actual sim. Better graphics, better voice, more realistic aircraft actions, sounds, and AI. If career mode means interfacing with human resources on the job, or browsing through options you have to purchase with some kind of currency throughout the game, or tracking airport income, number of customers, etc, I'm just not interested in that.
  15. Folks, Anyone understand how the traffic density slider work? 50% to 100%. Technically, what is happening or what is the game doing? I understand it is removing traffic from the game, but my question is more about "how" is it doing that? What traffic is removed vs not and how?
  16. Hi Vic! I think you and I may have talked on steam as well. (I'm scar on steam also) Yes, I use the "line up and wait" command on the KSAN displacement threshold without any problems (I guess it doesn't mean its proper). But receive a 1000 point crash penalty when I use it on KHPX runway 8 displacement threshold. The "line up behind" command works fine. I'm hearing that I may have been pushing the envelope by using the displacement threshold for a wait spot during another landing. Mark (scar)
  17. Ok, good enough. Thou shalt not taxi on displacement threshold with overflying traffic. Got it. :-) Answers my question.
  18. Folks, On KPHX, should the displacement threshold on runway 8 be usable for "lineup and wait" conditions? If so, its not working. 1000 point crash condition. As an example, on KSAN, I use the displacement threshold on runway 27 for "lineup and wait" conditions all the time. The landing aircraft flys over, landing after the threshold. Allowing an aircraft to be ready for takeoff as soon as the landing aircraft turns off the runway. Thoughts?
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