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  1. Ok, just checked - your version 6.0.14 is actually 6.0.14a - I forgot to update the character version string in that version. I'm still confused as to your issue though...
  2. Sorry, I should clarify.... The letters after the release indicate its a beta release. I release 6.0.14a, then b, then c. It will be 6.0.14 when its officially released (not yet). If you have a 6.0.14, its probably 6.0.14a. Sometimes I also forget to update the file properties, so best to check the version logged (or in the About page)
  3. I can't help you any more than google can with this. There seem to be various lua xml libraries available, so I don't think it would be too much of a problem, and you can maybe read as a txt file if you can determine where the data you require is held without parsing the xml. But I don't have time to look into this any further, sorry. John
  4. Hmm, strange - I will check. 6.0.14c is the latest and it should be fixed in that version, but not in 6.0.14 or 6.0.14b! I'll take a look to see what is happening (tomorrow). Thank you!
  5. I don't know that script (where can I find it?) - best to just try it. Its probably fine, as long as whatever controls its using are available in MSFS.
  6. There is no "Assignment" option in the File menu. Did you read and follow the installatiion and registration guide, as advised? What did the pop-up say when you clickef the 'Register' button? Does your FSUIPC look like the main window shown in the User guide? You have not! I still don't understand what your problem is as what you are saying doesn't make any sense. Have you read the Installation and Registration guide? If not, PLEASE DO SO NOW. It is only a registered version if you have entered your registration details and generated a FSUIPC7.key file by pressing the R
  7. I think they work in the A320 without using lvars, but you may need the FBW mod or the MobiFlight event module (also via WASM), or probably both. Anyway, as WASM modules are broken in the current release, I can't check this for you at the moment (and I'm still downloading the latest update!).
  8. Try google. There are several topics on this in the FSUIPC forums, and also in the FSX forums. Its an easy fix - find the SimConnect.xml file used by FSX (under your AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX folder) and then just change the MaxClients value to 128 (the default is 64). If the SimConnect.xml isn't there, create a default one (see https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/445286-simconnectxml-file-issue/) You can also confirm that this is actually your issue first if you like, by activating SimConnect logging, but that is more involved than just updating the MaxClients parameter, so I would j
  9. I'm downloading the update now and will starting looking at the changes and testing tomorrow. Don't think there's an SDK/SimConnect update though, but I'll also check and if so update to that an release when ready.
  10. They are lua functions (part of the FSUIPC lua library) built into FSUIPC, not plugins. The plugins are documented in the FSUIPC Lua Plug-Ins.pdf, and are contained in a zip file called Example LUA plugins.zip in your Documents folder.
  11. The lua library (and interpreter) are built into FSUIPC6 - they are not located anywhere. By default, all FSUIPC lua plugins are loaded from the FSUIPC installation folder. You can change this location by adding a LuaPath parameter to the [LuaFiles] section of your FSUIPC6.ini file - see the Advanced User manual for details (P10). Well, you can try using the same lua plugin folder for both and use the LuaPath ini parameter in FSUIPC. However, I'm not sure this is a good idea. Certainly other lua interpreters will not be able to understand the FSUIPC-specific lua scripts, although
  12. I've added hvar support via lua and macros in the attached version (v7.1.0e) Note that the hvar name argument for the new lua function activateHvar must be preceded by 'H:'. For Lvars, no 'L:'. This is due to the fact that the internal hvars are stored with the H:, but lvars are not stored with the L:. I may change this - it was done so I could easily tell the difference between L and H variables while developing. For using lvars/havrs in macros, they are always proceeded by L:/H:. FSUIPC7.exe
  13. Why are you clicking 'Connect' - you should use Auto-Connect to FS (see Options menu), which is the default. And this has nothing to do with the Assignments menu - you can assign without MSFS even running (although not advised). Your problem is that you are using an unregistered version, which does not have the Assignments menu. When you installed, at the end of the installation process, there is a page for registration. Did you register there? i.e. enter your license details and click the Register button? So, your issue is nothing to do with the (new) title or your origin
  14. At the moment, yes, but as I said, you can do: setLvar(getHvarIdFromName("My lvar"), myLvarValue); (or similar if using the dll). And, as I also said, I will add some convenience functions (at some point, low priority) to do this directly, i.e. setLvar("MyLvar", my/lvarValue); (overloaded in the WAPI, I will have to give different names in the dll, eg setLvarByName).
  15. then reload you assignments. Or uncheck the 'Map to 4props' and 'Map to 4 Mixt' checkboxes on page 2 of the calibration screens. You don't need to do this as you are using separate axes for mixture1/2 & propPitch1/2. Once that's done, you can calibrate your Mixture1/2 on page 4 of the calibration screens, and as they are using separate axes you should calibrate both mixture1 and mixture2 (and not map, unless you want to map your 2 axes to 4).
  16. You will find that the same refund policy applies to ALL products on SimMarket, and most other digital downloaded products. Those that do offer a refund (NOT on SimMarket) allow for a restricted period only and also do on-line license validation so that they can cancel/invalidate the license. You must realise that there are many people using hacked or publicly available keys for licensed software. You may not do these, but I'm afraid that here are an awlful lot of people that do. Anyway, there is no point discussing this further. No refunds.. And I don't understand why you even want
  17. If using the A320, you you try the MobiFlight events to control these: You can use these in FSUIPC7 by adding them using event files. There is a post in this forum (including event files you can download and use) on how to do this. For the offsets, you could try looking at 0x07DC, 0x07E2 and 0x3458
  18. There are (or should be) multiple files there - only 146 lvars per file, which is how many each Client Data Area created can hold, again a hangover from a previous implementation. You usually actually get more lvars when you create lvar files, as it re-scans for lvars when doing this so you can get more than the initial scan. If you find that you get more, you can issue a reload command to the WASM to reload all the current lvars back to the client/WAPI.
  19. Maybe, but I don't think so. I have verified details here when this has happened (using the installer) and they have been fine. For a few users, re-installing the VC__ redistributables have solved this issue, for others not. However, as this is a rare occurrence, there is an easy work-around, and I cannot reproduce, its not really worth me investigating this at the moment, especially as I have so much else on my plate at the moment....
  20. Oh, and please give your posts and appropriate title. Your name means nothing to most people (including me), sorry. If you give your post an appropriate title, it may attract people who know how to solve your issue. I have updated the title for you.
  21. I don't know what video you are talking about. Have you tried looking at and following the documentation? Start with the User Guide, especially the section The Easy Step-by-Step Way to Calibrate Your Controls. If you still have issues, then post what you have tried, what problems you have, and also include your FSUIPC7.ini file. Be patient! John
  22. Yes its working - although I don't know why you would want to use this function. Its a hangover from a previous implementation. The files are created under your AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\fsuipc-lvar-module\work folder (which is the WASM persistent storage area for the FSUIPC WASM module).
  23. I also noticed this in the 747. There is an lvar (on the 747) for standby power: XMLVAR_StandbyPower_Selector. However, I've just tried this and it only seems to work switching between AUTO and BAT, and cannot switch to or from OFF. As for lvars in FSUIPC7, I have just released an early-access version with lvar support. For documentation on how to use lvars with FSUIPC7, you have to look at the FSUIPC6 documentation for the time being (and also have the WASM module installed - just download, unzip and move to your community folder, instructions on the WASM announcement page). I wi
  24. I'm not sure about the 748 as its an add-on that I don't have. Enable event logging and activate the controls in the UI and see what events are logged. For the stock 747, it has been reported that the Master Battery Set event (as well as offset 0x281C) only work to switch the battery off but not on. When clicking in the UI, it sends the event ELECTICAL BUS TO BUS CONNECTION TOGGLE with a parameter of 17, however assigning to this does nothing. But, using a parameter of 0 seems to turn all power off/on, but doesn't change the UI switch state. For the Standby Power (again, in the 747)
  25. Did you try re-installing the VC++ redistributables as advised? Sorry, no refunds. You can download and try before purchase, and I also offer time-limited licenses for those who wish to try the registered version before purchase. We do not provide refunds as once the license is issued, it cannot be revoked (no real-time license validation). The issue is that you do not have the correct windows files installed to use the software. This is easily fixed by following the advice I have already given.
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