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  1. To use as a type of 'shift' key with FSUIPC, you can use 'compound button conditions', where the assignments on one button are dependent on the state of another button. Please see the Advanced User Guide for details. John
  2. I now have previous lvar support (i.e. accessible via macros and lua scripts and offsets) working in FSUIPC7, although I haven't released this yet. I may release this as a beta in the next few days, so keep an eye out on the FSUIPC7 lvar/wasm announcements page if interested.
  3. Have you checked if the controls you are using are actually working in the aircraft that you are using (you don't say which)? Many controls/events are not working, and different aircraft can use different controls (e.g. *_EX1 controls for a/c with reverse thrust controls) And many AP functions are not currently working in many aircraft. There are various mods around & the MobiFlight events (WASM) module that enable more functioning events. Other than that, I cannot advise as I don't have any PFC hardware, sorry. John
  4. There are various threads on how to get this working with FSUIPC, eg. Note that if the mode switch has a button outside of the 32 button limit in FSUIPC7v7.0.8, you can use the new beta v7.1.0b which has support for up to 128 buttons - see
  5. Ok, but I don't think there is much more we can do. It seems to be working for most folks, and the previous report with it not working was solved by a complete re-install. If you are having issues with the PC anyway, you should maybe consider this. John
  6. Most probably. I think the maximum number of macro files is 127. You should re-organise your macros to try and use only a few for each aircraft - macros can hold up to 999 entries (1-999).
  7. What about on a right-click? What happens when you double-click - that should also open the main window. What do you mean by 'disappears'? Is it still running? Is the window just behind the FS window? Are you running MSFS in full screen mode? If so, try changing to windowed mode first.
  8. I doubt its related to Simconnect if it is happening when opening the axes assignment dialog. But, as Pete says, I need to see you log and ini files, together with any information from the windows event viewer. But why is this? If FSUIPC7 crashes, you can just restart FSUIPC7 - no need to restart MSFS.
  9. I don't see why not, but as I say, why don't you just try it. That doesn't cause issues in itself, but P3D can automatically make default assignments to your controllers with this activated. Keep that in mind, and check it hasn't done this now and again - if it does, you can usually tell pretty quickly!
  10. It should recognise v4 as v4 and v5 as v5. If FSUIPC6 is installed and working, it must have detected the correct version. Where does FSUIPC say the sim is P3Dv4? The latest official version is 6.0.13 (there is also a 6.0.14b version available with support for up to 128 buttons per controller), so please download that and re-install and see what version that detects. Show me your Installation log if it detects the wrong version.
  11. To assign to an aircraft, you have (or, it is better) to have the aircraft fully loaded, which is when you are in the 'ready-to-fly' state. But what is the issue? Are your magneto buttons recognised? On the Alpha, these are the ones with button numbers outside of the 32 button limit. To assign to these, rather than using the lua scripts, you could try the latest beta release of FSUIPC7 which as native support for up to 128 buttons - please see
  12. Ok, thats another way of doing it. But its easier to just change the mapping in the [JoyNames] section. Yes, thy are the old FSUIPC5/FSUIPC6 defaults. The problem is if that they are there in the ini, those values are taken. The defaults do change occasionally, especially as MSFS and the SDK develops. Its good practice to delete the contents of your [General] section every now and again and let it get rebuilt with the latest defaults. However, remember to change any settings you have actually use (or manually set) after doing this. John
  13. Yes - looks like your device IDs have changed, possibly due to a windows update. With FSUIPC7 not running, In your FSUIPC7.ini file, change this: to this: Then try again. John PS. You should also change this in your [General] section: to This will prevent FSUIPC from re-connecting when data stalls (and just log a message instead). Better to use these settings unless you find that you connections have really stopped (i.e. if you have issues). The initialStallTime is better as it takes quite a while for MSFS to respond once a simconnect connection is obt
  14. Its ok if you want to do that and it works. However, issues have been reported when installing under the Documents folder when using OneDrive. If it works, fine, but if you start to get issues I would recommend re-installing in a different location.
  15. I don't know what the Honeycomb software does - best to just try it. Note that if you want to configure the Bravo using FSUIPC, there is a beta version available (of FSUIPC6 and FSUIPC7) that has native support for up to 128 buttons - the Bravo has several above the 32 button limit which won't be recognised natively by other versions of FSUIPC without using a lua script. It is available from here:
  16. That cannot happen! Do you have controllers activated in P3D? If so, they can be automatically re-assigned, so best to disable controllers completely in P3D if assigning in FSUIPC. If you already have controllers disabled, please show me your FSUIPC ini file together with a log file.
  17. The macro entries you see in the assignment drop-downs are there as they have been found in .mcro files in your FSUIPC installation folder. If they are not there, the files must have ben removed (or you have reached the limit if the number of macro files processed). Are the macro files still there? Also, please show me your FSUIPC6.ini.
  18. You shouldn't move before uninstalling as then the location of your files does not match the registry location. If you want to change location, you should uninstall first, then move any remaining files/folders before re-installing. Ok, but you can change this to your preferred location, no? This does not match with what I'm seeing. So the default location is still wrong in the updated version I posted? Strange, I'll look into it when I get a chance, but its very minor. Because thats under you Documents folder. Its not a document, its an application.
  19. No, it won't - FSUIPC does (next-to) nothing out-of-the-box! You have to configure your controllers/devices using the Assignments panels, to assign your axes (elevator, aileron, throttle, rudder, etc) and buttons, as well as any keys. Please see the provided documentation - for new Users, you should at least read the Installation and Registration manual, and also take a look at the User Guide and Advanced User Guide, to familiarize yourself with the various tools provided. Also, if using any devices with more than 32 buttons, you probably want to either the latest FSUIPC7 beta v7.1.0b, which h
  20. Note also for trimming, there are a couple of lua scripts that may be of interest: and this one recently added:
  21. No problem. Before you try the new version, please first uninstall and try with the current release but this time actually choose an installation folder to see if that works. Then, uninstall again and try the updated installer. The default installation location (for a clean install) should now be different (& hopefully correct) in this new version. However, it is still recommended to change this to a folder outside of your documents/add-on.xml folder.
  22. Could you download and try this installer (please uninstall your current installation before running) and let me know what folder the installation defaults to: Install_FSUIPC6a.exe
  23. Yes, here: This is because you have accepted the default location for the install. Admittedly, it should not default to this location, but you should change this anyway as this is your installation folder. Better to choose something like C:\FSUIPC6 or C:\P3Dv5 Add-ons\FSUIPC6 (although you can always select C:\Users\snorr\OneDrive\Dokumenter\FSUIPC6 of you wish, although not recommended). So, please re-install again, and this time actually select an installation folder rather than accepting the default. As the installation manual says: As I said, I will look into changing
  24. Ok, but I also need to see your install log. Would be better if it was one from a clean install, so could you uninstall your current version by running the provided uninstaller (or using the windows apps control panel), then re-install FSUIPC (in the same folder). Then show me your new install log file. Doing it this way will perform a clean install (rather than taking the locations from the previous install).
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