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  1. May be as @jaxx indicated. It is certainly nothing FSUIPC7 does on its own....Can you show me you FSUIPC7.ini and .log files please.
  2. It doesn't use hard-coded paths, it uses your registry to determine the location. Could your registry entries be incorrect? Could you show me your installation log file please. Sorry, that will never happen! I do not use .Net, and neither VisualBasic... Please show me your install log, and also check your registry for the HKCU entry for "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders" Personal.
  3. First, you posted in the FAQ sub-forum, where it explicitly states 'NOT for Support Requests'. I have moved your post for you this time, but please take care to post in the correct forum for support. I'm sorry - what does this mean? What 'listings'? Disappear from where? Can you please explain a bit more, and also attach your FSUIPC log and ini files (you don't even say which FS or version of FSUIPC you are using!).
  4. No, this won't cause any issues. Your issue sounds like power management is enabled on your hubs, and windows is putting your devices to sleep. Check and disable power management on all your USB hubs/devices.
  5. If you haven't purchased and/or aren't using WideFS, you can ignore that field during registration - its optional and only to be used if you have purchased a WideFS7 license.
  6. Ah, ok. Glad its now working at least. Its really quite a simple change and shouldn't have caused so many issues, and I don't really understand why it did...
  7. Was this test with your original or updated macro? Either way, it is now showing an error: And why is this now a right single click? And the rectangle ID (X40000087) is different from what was previously used (X4000018d) so it again looks like something else has changed....Have you changed the macro file again? I need to see your files each time they have changed otherwise I have no idea what is going on.... Also, I can see that you have various 757s assigned to the profile: A couple of things here... First, you are better off using substring matches, so you can re-write t
  8. This doesn't tell me anything. At a minimum, I need to see your FSUIPC7.ini and FSUIPC7.log files. Have you tried logging anything (e.g. Buttons & Switches + Events to start with) to see what is happening?
  9. Many/most of the G1000 events are not working in MSFS. To control the G1000 with FSUIPC7, you need to install the MobiFlight WASM module and add the MF G1000 events to FSUIPC7 using event files. There are several posts in this forum that show you how to do this. FSUIPC provides access to the controls/events provided by the MSFS SDK / SimConnect. The MSFS documentation for this states: If any events aren't working, you can report to Asobo. [And note also that some events may work in some aircraft but not in others.]
  10. For this issue, please see How did you configure this for each set-up? Does your rotary have 1 or 2 buttons in each direction? Or is ir a two-phase type rotary? If its the 2 button type, you can implement large/small increments/decrements on the different butons. If it has a single button in each direction, you could look into using the example rotaries.lua script - from the Lua Plug-Ins document: What do you mean by 'In FSX the radios stack run normaly, but with MSFS the radios not on'? You configure your radios in MSFS in the same (or similar) way as yo
  11. I really don't understand this.... Are you saying that changing a macro used in one aircraft affects the way a different macro works in another aircraft? That really isn't possible.... And are you also saying that everything was working except for the issue you mentioned (button staying pushed-in) but with that minor change to one macro on one macro file, this stops all your macros working in that file and also other macros in different files used by different aircraft?
  12. Please show me your updated ini and new log files. I need to see these after each change.
  13. Updates WASM released containing a bug fix for when setting an lvar value as a double/dword which caused the wrong index (and hence the wrong lvar) to be updated when the index number was > 144: FSUIPC-WASMv0.4.5.zip
  14. There was a bug in the WASM now corrected, Please try the following WASM module: fsuipc-lvar-module.zip (Also now released as 0.4.5)
  15. Your ini file has two [MacroFiles] sections! How did this happen? This section is automatically generated and should not be manually edited... And the macro files have different index numbers in each section, so it is difficult to determine which macro file will actually be used. You need to remove one of those [MacroFile] sections, and then review your assignments to the macro files and make sure that they have the correct index (for the macro files they are using). Remove the one with the least number of entries. Once that has been done, please re-test.
  16. Logs? Any issues, please show me your log files, both WASM + Client, with Debug logging enabled. And ALWAYS please, or at least for any issue that you want me to look at....
  17. I still need to see your FSUIPC6.ini file...I cannot help you if you do not show me this. I need to see your FSUIPC6.ini file with each log file - please remember this. Are you assigning a button to a key press, and then that key press to a mouse action? Seems a very strange thing to do - why don't you just assign your button to the mouse macro? Your 'after edit' log shows the single mouse click: 493547 [Buttons] 2=P2,1,K90,10 493547 SendKeyToFS(0002005A=[ctl+Z], KEYDOWN) ctr=0 493547 Sending WM_KEYDOWN, Key=17 (Control) (Scan code 29), Ctr=2 493563 Sending WM_KE
  18. You are confusing me now. Was this before or after you said the macro wasn't working? Can you please just follow my instructions and report back. I cannot help you if you are not showing me the information I need: Also, please check if anything else has changed. If you go back to your original macro and configuration, does that still work?
  19. What do you mean exactly? What "screen remains black" - your entire screen, or your P3D window? If you are in full screen mode, have you tried in windowed mode (Alt-Enter)? Have you tried hovering the mouse over the P3D task bar icon - this will show you if there are other windows - maybe there is a pop-up asking for something which is blocking the loading? Either way, please provide more information. You can always uninstall FSUIPC6 and get P3D working first, then install FSUIPC6 once you have P3D running correctly.
  20. Ok, so something is working... I have an idea of what the issue might be. I'll look into this, but tomorrow now. I didn't know that but makes sense now I think about it! I can do that. I can provide both methods as they are trivial to implement. For the struct-array methods, would you prefer to pass in pre-allocated (with a size), or should the function allocate and the caller free the memory?
  21. I don't understand that! All that I changed in your macro file was this line: 5=AP Disc=RX4000018d,3 to 5=AP Disc 5.1=RX4000018d,3 5.2=RX4000018d,13 i.e. I added a left button mouse release to your AP Disc mouse macro. This cannot/should not affect your other macros.... Please check that nothing else has changed, then activate logging for events (non axis controls) and buttons & switches, and generate a log file when you try to activate your your mouse macros. Then show me that log file together with your ini file.
  22. Those are standard events that you need to request via Simconnect, ot you could use the FSUIPC SDK and use the offset area instead. Nothing to do with hvars. I have no idea what they are....! To log simconnect events, you could install FSUIPC and use its logging facilities, which are available in the unregistered version.
  23. As I said, I haven't tested yet. I'll take a look over the next days... Thats fine, you can also just use 0 for the start event number and the default will be used, and if you can also give a 0/nullPtr for the logging function, and its own logging file will be created. Not sure why that is - I will take a look. John
  24. I did this this morning, but haven't gotten around to test it yet...you could try with the following (you will still need the static lib): FSUIPC_WAPI.dllFSUIPC_WAPI.h As I said, its untested - I am planning to write a simple C client to test, but may take me a few days.... John
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