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  1. Você sequestrou um tópico que não está relacionado ao seu problema. Please see the provided documentation - start with the Installing and Registering FSUIPC, then check the User Guide. I'm sorry, but they are only available in English. If you have any issues, please check the forums first (as ALL issues with installing and registering have been reported before), and if you still have problems, then post (either in a topic that reports the same issue or start a new topic). In Portugese (from google):
  2. This is normal for prop aircraft... Sounds like the rudder is far too sensitive. Could you show me your latest FSUIPC7.ini file please. Also a log file with axes controls logged showing your issue would also be useful.
  3. As well as what Pete has said, maybe the axis doesn't need reversing - did you try with the Rev checkbox unchecked? Or are you saying there is no difference to the axis output values regardless of that setting?
  4. So do I! I do provide temporary/time-limited licenses for you to try before you buy...but too late now! Some controls work on some aircraft and not on others, so you need to try them, You can use 'profiles' to have different assgnments to different aircraft. One way to determine what controls are used is to activate logging for events (and also open the log console). If you then click on the UI element you want to control, you should see the event (and parameter) that it is using. You can then try assigning to that. However, be aware that not all events logged from the UI will work w
  5. Have you tried assigning to that event/parameter? Also maybe try the stable or vanilla version - I have had reports of different things working in different versions of the FBW mods. Maybe also check for lvars as these will be available shortly (via lua or macros),
  6. Make sure they are exactly as specified in your purchase email. But if you have previously registered and have a key file, there is no need to re-register. If you don't have your old key file, you can also create it manually. Details on how to do this are in this post:
  7. You can recover your registration details from your SimMarket account.
  8. Try a right click and select 'Save as...'.
  9. Minor correction to previous release which limited the number of lvars to 1168: FSUIPC-WASMv0.4.9.zip
  10. Ok - same problem as before, I forgot to add add the extra lines to receive the extra lvar name CDAs. Corrected in this version: FSUIPC-WASMv0.4.9.zip
  11. Which aircraft are you using? Toggle master battery has been reported as working for some aircraft (Baron, Longitude). The ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY offset at 0x281C is documented as 'Currently not working for the 747-8: always shows on. Can switch off, but not back on', but at offset 0x3102 it is documented as working for read & write - but it has the same issues as 0x281C.
  12. But 2044 is the maximum. Your CRJ has 1738, and you can see/access/update them. no? Why to you expect there to be more than are available? Is it working ok for you with 1738 lvars? Why do you expect to see more?
  13. Forget about lvars/hvars for now - they are not yet accessible via FSUIPC. But they certainly shouldn't be needed for master battery. Search for existing topics on this please, I'm sure there are already posts on this... and maybe check the offset documentation spreadsheet. Also, please remember, if using LINDA and have issues you need to go to the LINDA forums. I haven't looked at your files as I beliebe @jaxx identified your problem. But if you still have issues, please post again, and also attach your latest files.
  14. Ah, sorry, probably is in a restricted or beta forum.... But we are going off-topic here....this is a discussion topic for the WASM! Please raise another topic for other issues.
  15. Ok, but there is only one version of FSUIPC7 - the payware features are activated by the license, but it is the same as the free version.
  16. Can you please also show me your FSUIPC7.ini file please
  17. First, you posted in the FAQ section, where it explicitly states NOT for Support Requests. I have moved your post to the main support forum. You can use the offset area starting at B000, which uses METAR weather strings. However, you may find it easier to use a 3rd party weather engine to control weather, either free or payware.
  18. No problem. What do you men by this? You can read and write lvars when the sim is paused. However, I have disabled lvar functionality (from the WASM) when MSFS is in a main menu (or aircraft in a parking state). There are some lvars available in this state from the loaded (or partially loaded) aircraft, but there is really no point doing anything with them. FSUIPC detects 3 out of the 4 pause states - still not possible to detect the default 'pause' (but more like an alt/att freeze), but that one really shouldn't be used - even though it is currently the MSFS default pause! I h
  19. Ok, thanks. You may get this earlier though as Pete has said he may look into it for you, even though he has "retired"...! I need to allocate the offsets first though, and make a decision as to whether to start re-allocating old offsets (FS9 and before) that are (hopefully!) no longer used... Will keep you informed. John
  20. Yes, this is possible. However, I don't know at the moment when I will have time to look into this. I also have several other pending new feature requests. I'll add this to the list, and and let you know when I come around to looking at this in detail. It will probably be a few months away though, as I've a lot on my plate at the moment with getting lvar access working in FSUIPC7. Once thats done/released, I will start on the backlog of other user requests. Regards, John
  21. As it says in the README, install both x86 and x64 libraries. FSUIPC will need the x64 (64-bit), but best to also install the x86 (32-bit) as well.
  22. As mentioned above, did you click the Register button and if so what happened? If it said your key was valid, then check your installation location - make sure you haven't installed FSUIPC6 under your Documents folder, especially if you are using OneDrive or some other cloud-based storage mechanism for your Documents. If all else fails, you can manually create your key file. Create a file in your FSUIPC installation folder called FSUIPC6.key, with the following contents, substituting the details in bold with those from your SimMarket order:
  23. The splash screen is not related to anything else - it should display that while MSFS is starting. I've really no idea why that isn't working for you, but its not important to the functionality. But there is no such message...can you show me what this message says please. And FSUIPC7 runs ok? What happens when you try to run FSUIPC7 on its own, by double-clicking the FSUIPC7.exe? If you get an error when running FSUIPC, you need to update your VC++ redistributables. See the README.txt provided.
  24. No. Sleep is not a blocking system call, so the script will be killed anyway, as you observed.
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