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  1. I tried using the K1 intersection for RWY 2 and the only issue was the north side T1 and corresponding remote stands not pushing back (VLG7364). When this A/C refused to pushback, I started issuing 7L/R for a/c in this area then taxi instruction to 2@K1. From T2 I had the occasional issue getting them started to taxi "around the horn" (S>M) but eventually everyone moved to 2@K1 and departed output_log.txt
  2. With the initial command issued at 11:59:22 to hold short and the crash occurring at 11:59:54, I'm thinking the AC acknowledged the command but didn't follow as it was already across the hold short point?!
  3. Sorry about that Craig. As these aren't exactly "new" paints, I didn't bother. I've updated my original post. Can't receive if you don't at least ask (and do it correctly). Thanks for being the liaison Cheers
  4. I would like to see ABX Air (ABX/GB) B763 and B762 with newer liveries. The Airborne Express with the red/yellow tail was only 1 plane and was almost 15 years ago B763: https://flightaware.com/photos/view/3899976-31bd58d262f82ab9a34d4c890ac2da12597ad1fa/aircraft/N317CM/sort/votes/page/1 B762: https://flightaware.com/photos/view/53923-495d2a75b27caa5863b5b92b0d82f3a5058ad125/aircraft/N767AX/sort/votes/page/1 I'm surprised these poor planes aren't having identity crises with all the different liveries they've had (Airborne Express/ABX Air/DHL/Prime Air) As these both already exist in game, I guess this would be a request to update instead of create new: Airline (ICAO/IATA): ABX/GB Aircraft Type (ICAO): B762 FlightNumber: Link: Already in original JFK RC as old livery Other RC: KATL/KLAX (also old livery) Airline (ICAO/IATA): ABX/GBAircraft Type (ICAO): B763FlightNumber: ABX152 ABX552Link: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/ABX152 and https://flightaware.com/live/flight/ABX552Other RC: KATL, KLAX, KMCO
  5. @winsaudi I noticed the same. RWY 24 is labeled 34R and RWY 7 is labeled 17R
  6. 2200, 0000 are quite busy with all the FDX arrivals (hint: use all 3 rwy for arr). You can also go with 0300 which will keep you hopping with all the FDX departures. 1200 should be a good mix though again mostly FDX
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