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  1. By me only in Tower 3d @LFPG and drivers are up to date.
  2. I have the same issue at LFPG at nighttime! Graphic Driver is up to date ....
  3. BMT give me a new link. Thanks a lot....this is service πŸ™‚
  4. Thx for reply. Will this data be enough to get a replacement link?
  5. Hello. I buyed the RC KSFO via paysafecard. All i had to prove my legal copy is my Serial Number and my real name that i used by BTMicro. Is this possible to get a new link? thanks for help
  6. thanks for reply πŸ™‚ ah okay thats a solution to the Delta flight. i will edit this just like that. Is there a chance that feelthre repair this in a SP2 ? I am no programmer but i think its not so hard to do this as it should be. The cargo Terminal is a shame to and quite useless. If i remember right the 763/764 worked at release day ....wondering whats going wrong?
  7. Hi Sorry for warmup but i have played EDDS this evening and i'm wondering that the the Delta flight does not appear. Is the heavy gate still broken? why was this not fixed? greetz
  8. so the Cargo area is useless at the moment. I hope they give us a working livery in a future update of RC. I am dreaming about DHL AviationπŸ˜€ and then btw cargo planes looks more better if they give them an extra model without windows. So on, thx for your advise!
  9. Terminal is empty. I ad a 752 in UPS livery and i also ad UPS in the edds_terminal.txt
  10. For me my Cargo Terminal do not work after EDDS SP1 ... i set up a test flight --->no free Terminal in output.log.
  11. Nice to see πŸ˜€ ...whats the status about the broken Terminals ?
  12. Hello. why are the yellow traffic lines looks so displaced? No other airport in my libary has so "3d lines". Is this bug or feature?
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