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  1. For exact airport you need to click on search, then type some airport, DEP or ARR, choose date, hour and there you go, very nice source
  2. Oh ok thanks, ehh I hoped it's not one of the "core" problems:)
  3. Hi guys, have you experienced some problems with jetways which didn't "stick" to the airplines and don't turn towards the plane? Should I reinstall the game? Thank you
  4. Exactly👆 My recommendations: 1.) JFK has terminals between main runways 13s-31s, with cargo, and plenty of international traffic 2.) Munich with it's parallel runways also good option for intl flights+cargo but mainly LH (like BA at Heathrow)
  5. this very very very very rare update just happened with EKCH xd so go for steam and let him do the job for you:P🤣😁
  6. wow, from as low as 3.31 to 19.99... Argentinians must be one of the happiest steam customers:)
  7. Hi WN Mike, Next time buy airports DLCs from steam directly as I found it to be cheaper than on feelthere site:) But addons like Real color and traffic you have to buy from feelthere.com, if you go this way, everything works perfectly. BTW crbascott ->most of the time, prices on both sites are the same, airports for 19,99 and colors for 6,99 and on both web pages when u go to check out it redirects you to bmtmicro payment
  8. I wanted laptop to the games and to work, which can work for a longer time, thus I recommend you to invest slightly more so you can use it for a few years to come, my lap: I totally resigned from HDD, an choosed SSD instead, 480 gb - i7-8750H - 20 GB RAM - GTX 1070 maxq cerberus graphics 8gb ddr5 It's very fast, performance is fantastic I can play GTA V, FORZA HORIZON 3, 4, CRYSIS etc and TOWER3DPRO of course:) without any problems on the highest settings, many fps. But the cost was around 1000 gbp
  9. Air France still has on order huge amount over 30 of A359 and one more 789 -> I think they're going to get more, Lufthansa awaits it's newest 777-9 - originally planed to be delivered this year. 777-300 and 9 of course too, config can be very dense, just look what Air Canada did with it's 773, few of them have config of 450(!) pax seats (28 first,24 premium rest eco). Lufthansa's A380s are configured into 509 seats ( 8f, 78biz,52 premium, rest eco) - I am not sure how Lufthansa is going to confiruge it's newest 777s, especially these times, normally I would bet that they go for huge biz, but now?
  10. Hi there, I found some minor ICAO issues here:) UGGG -> UGTB WMAM -> WMKL UMRR -> EVRA Great schedule!:))
  11. Hi, I found some duplicate flights departing to DUB FRA,DUB,320,LH,978,12:00,10:14,1,LH - it's actualy good one:) FRA,DUB,20N,LH,2744,12:00,10:14,1,LH - this fnumb. was used between MUC and CGN and HEL FRA,HEL,320,LH,848,12:00,09:57,1,LH - this flight number is the most accurate FRA,HEL,320,LH,1987,12:00,09:57,1,LH - this fnumber is used primarily between CGN and MUC also VTBD (old icao for BKK Don Mueang) should be replaced into VTBS (Suvarnabhumi) 🙂 Cheers,! Great work
  12. Yeah I think those 5 in Teruel Graveyard are not goin'g to fly anywhere soon or ever again... It's going to depend on demand pretty much. They were planning to retire the type in the next four years, it was before crisis tough:( It was fun to see KLM retiring the type and few days later they used them for cargo flights, even now 2 of the combis are in the air en route to/from China:) I remeber flying from AMS to NRT in the past, nice memories:) So apart from BA, Lufthansa had some solid 747 fleet but annouced already that 5 out fo 13 of it's 747-400s are not coming back, along with 6 A380s, so 19 of 747-8i will stay for a little longer period as they are less than 10 yo, phew:)
  13. Hope one day we can see Heathrow in the game, as BA still have plenty of 747s, hope they're going to stay with them for a while, as of now didn't hear of faster withdrawals as Virgin did:(. In case of A380s and Heathrows problematic expansion, this airline is one of the options to stay with "whales" for a little longer for capacity increase as they can't get more slots, we'll see!:)
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