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  1. Well it won't have been the FSUIPC4 Installer. It only creates and uses the Modules folder in your FSX main folder. But, sorry: I only just noticed that you mentioned FS2004 (=FS9), which of course preceded FSX and needs FSUIPC3 not FSUIPC4. So can you explain this? Is your FSUIPC3 registered? Perhaps you should show us the FSUIPC.LOG file from the FS9 Modules folder. Pete
  2. Why? FSUIPC cannot use that and most certainly doesn’t install one there! Pete
  3. Do NOT add or edit the [LuaFiles] section! That is an automatic section created and maintained by FSUIPC. Show us the INI file you are using. Pete
  4. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean there, at all. Why haven't you explained "+VCTSRA"? Why haven't you checked whether your Wind value has been set, as it has here? Did you not see the sky clear? Why do you not answer any questions? I just cannot help you without some help from you! I suggest you check the METAR formats acceptable to P3D's SimConnect. FSUIPC has some fairly complex code it has to use to make the correct METAR strings from the NWI binary data interface. It was far from an easy job -- SimConnect has peculiar ways. And the weather reading format is different from the weather setting format. Most annoying. Try WeatherSet2 as I suggested a long time ago. I think the logging of Weather (which you inexplicably haven't bothered to show me) might show the METAR strings FSUIPC generates from the data you set in that program. And it works. Anyway, this is definitely all from my till tomorrow afternoon, earliest. Pete
  5. And you desire no clouds, something unexplained called +VCTSRA, and a surface wind of 55 knots at 270? Because from your METAR that's what I get. Where's the log entries corresponding to those I showed you? See my previous replies. I get the clear sky and the wind you set. I don't get +VCTSRA whatever that is. This is going around in circles. You are simply not help me to help you. I'm off-line now till tomorrow afternoon. Pete
  6. ALSO scans it, after completing the P3D scenery? Please show me the log file (Runways.txt). You'll need to ZIP it. I have both P3D5 and MSFS installed on this PC, and it only ever scans anything to do with MSFS when it is run outside of the P3D main folder (the folder containing Prepar3D.exe). It also uses Lorby's sceneryexport scanner, supplied in the ZIP to do the scanning -- MakeRwys does not make the list for P3d scenery itself. Note that, unlike MSFS scenery, P3D scenery can be placed anywhere at all. Perhaps you should look at MakeRwys_scenery.cfg (or run LorbySceneryExport,exe and look at its LorbyScenery.cfg). Pete
  7. Maybe, but 1. Where, in your 10 mSec loop, do the input values get changed? 2. You don't give P3D enough time to change the weather. Try sleeping for a couple or seconds after setting the weather. I still don't think your METAR is sufficient. You aren't setting any clouds, nor QNH. As a test of your META string I used this simple Lua plug-in : ipc.writeUW(0xC800, 5) ipc.writeSTR(0xB000,"GLOB METAR 101208Z 27055KT +VCTSRA") At least the METAR was not rejected outright. The sky cleared (of course) and the surface wind was set. Here's the Weather log showing this: 148188 NW_GLOBAL command, setting weather to global mode 148188 Setting Metar: "GLOB METAR 101208Z 27055KT +VCTSRA" 148188 Weather Mode now = Global 148719 Weather Read request (Global set) to area 1: ICAO="GLOB", Req=0 148719 Weather Read request (Nr Station) to area 5: Lat=51.47, Lon=-0.46, Alt=0.0, Req=1 148735 Weather Received (type 1 request, AtStation): "GLOB&A0 101208Z 27055KT&D304NG 100KM&B-1500&D1957 CLR 15/12 Q1013 " 148735 WX Received in (16 mSecs), WX request type 1, ICAO=GLOB 148735 >Change: Surface wind: to alt=1000ft, dir=270T, vel=55.0, gust=0.0, turb=0, shear=0, var=0.0 148735 >Change: Wind layer 1: remainder cleared 148735 >Change: Visibility[0]: range=62.1sm (100005m), from=-4920ft, to=1500ft 148735 >Change: Cloud[0]: remainder cleared 148735 >Change: Temperature[0]: alt=0ft, Day=15.0 C, NightVar=0.0 C, DewPt=12.0 C 148735 Results: FS98 Wind0: ground (82ft) to 915ft AGL, dir 269M, vel 55, gust 0, turb 0 148735 Results: FS98 Wind1: 0ft to 0ft AMSL, dir=0T, vel 0, gust 0, turb 0 148735 Results: FS98 Wind2: 0ft to 0ft AMSL, dir=0T, vel 0, gust 0, turb 0 148735 Results: FS98 AmbientWind at PlaneAlt=92: dir 270M, vel 55 148735 Results: FS98 Cloud1: type=0, from 0ft to 0ft (+/- 0ft), cover 0, turb 0, ice 0 148735 Results: FS98 Cloud2: type=0, from 0ft to 0ft (+/- 0ft), cover 0, turb 0, ice 0 148735 Results: FS98 Temp0: to 80ft, Day 15.0C, NightVar 0.0C 148735 Results: FS98 CurrTemp at PlaneAlt=92: 41C Please ignore the label "FS98". that's referring to the setting of the old (since FS98) offsets in FSUIPC. As I said earlier, I'm not sure what +VCTSRA means, but without clouds i cannot see how you expect thunder? However, the Sim is put into Global weather mode, and the surface wind you requested has been set. But how, in that loop, are those variables being changed? In other threads? I still think you may need to allow a little time for the chnge in weather. However, have you bothered to check the Wind afterwars. When you say "no change in weather", what are you starting with? Pete
  8. Now you are constantly asking P3D5 to set its position the aircraft 100 times a second, not giving it any chance ot do anything with the weather in any case. Why are you setting the same position etc 100 times per seocnd? Try without the rest. Just see if your METAR is accepted by P3D. Do nothing else! I suspect it won't be regarded as a valid METAR string, so ignore it. But you'll need to check that with a Simconnect log. (You've got FSUIPC weather logging turned off?) Please do refer back to my suggestions earlier today. Pete
  9. So you are setting Global weather mode and the same Metar 100 times a second, and then wondering why P3D doesn't get time to change? Just set Global once and only set weather when it changes. There's no sense in simply looping forever setting the same thing and certainly not 100 times a second forever! Pete
  10. How is it looping sending your METAR string? Check your program. Also you could enable IPC writes logging to see the relationship between your writes and the commands being obeyed. Pete
  11. What's a "running error"? There should be a compiler error as I missed off the & to get the address of the value. Sorry about that. It may be that SimConnect doesn't like the METAR string. I don't know +VCTSRA, and you don't seem to be setting any clouds or the pressure (QNH). Please show the FSUIPC6.log file. You might need to get a SimConnect log too. Instructions in a topic in the FAQ subforum. You could also log weather in FSUIPC to see what FSUIPC tries to do, and also run WeatherSet2 to set your 'thunder' and see what gets logged for that. FSUIPC makes correct SimConnet METAR strings from the binary AWI data. Pete
  12. You can remove axis calibration entries in the INI file by merely going into FSUIPC's Calibration options and RESETting calibration on that axis. You must have calibrated it at some time. Pete
  13. Haven't you just tried adapting your program to set Global mode as well as send the METAR string. To use the NWI fully you need to do a lot more work setting up all of the structures and converting yuor METAR strings into numbers. Here, I've corrected it for you: TxValue = 0x0005; //NW_GLOBAL FSUIPC_Write(0xC800, 2, (BYTE *)TxValue, &dwResult); sprintf(TxBuffer, "GLOB METAR 101208Z 27055KT +VCTSRA"); //Thunder FSUIPC_Write(0xB000, strlen(TxBuffer)+1, (void *)TxBuffer, &dwResult); FSUIPC_Process(&dwResult); Some time in the future, when time permits, we will release both WeatherSet2 and TrafficLook as example projects, complete. But it won't be for a while. Pete
  14. I'll leave it to John to check the FSUIPC7 loading and operating side of things, but one thing you could do to see if Pilot2ATC is even attempting to connect is to enable some logging options in FSUIPC. Go to the Log tab in the FSUIPC options and enable the IPC Reads and the IPC Writes options. Make sure MSFS is ready to fly. THEN and only then, run Pilot2ATC. The log will show whether it is even asking FSUIPC for any details. If it isn't, and assuming you are correct that both FSUIPC and P2A are running at the same privilege level, then I'm afraid it would back to Dave to sort out. FSUIPC cannot make the connection, it is always up to the client program. One other thing, separately, would be to run some other FSUIPC7 client applications -- for example TrafficLook (as listed in the "Download Links -- Useful additional programs" subforum). Use the link TrafficLook. If that connects okay then it is definitely a P2A problem. Note that this program connects even without MSFS running. With IPC Reads being logged the FSUIPC7 log shows it reading these (and getting only zeroes of course): 319594 16888 READ0[4756] 02A0, 2 bytes: 00 00 .. 319594 16888 READ0[4756] 0560, 24 bytes: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................ 319594 16888 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........ 319594 16888 READ0[4756] 02B4, 4 bytes: 00 00 00 00 .... 319594 16888 READ0[4756] 02C8, 4 bytes: 00 00 00 00 .... 319594 16888 READ0[4756] 034E, 2 bytes: 00 00 .. 319594 16888 READ0[4756] 0580, 4 bytes: 00 00 00 00 .... 319594 16888 READ0[4756] 736C, 4 bytes: 00 00 00 00 .... 319594 16888 READ0[4756] F000, 4088 bytes: 28 00 60 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 (.`............. 319594 16888 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................ ... etc (4088 zeroes altogether -- no traffic without MSFS running. plus more after this big batch (1980 bytes from D840). Pete
  15. Okay. I think I know what is happening. My Windows 10 used for MSFS must have been set by some program or other to allow Long File Names, because although, like you, I have the install separate from the default, MakeRunways doesn't get into trouble with long file paths. The separate install has a longer path because of all that weird guff after the D:\WpSystem part. Just 25 characters extra, but enough to make some of the subfolders paths way over the limit accepted by some Windows file functions. I looked this up using Google, and found two ways to handle it. One seems to be to pre-pend the path name with \\?\. So i've done this in this version for you to test: MakeRwys.exe Please try this. I'd still like to see the Runways.txt, but if this test works it will be a very large file, so please show me only the lines up to the "Reading MSFS scenery" line. The other way is to set Windows to accept long filepaths in any case. But that's a Registry change. So we'll try this way first. Pete
  16. Actually I think that need is related to the setting of the weather using the Binary structures in the full NWI. I think the GLOB METAR is written in any case, and would apply if Global mode was active in any case. Writing GLOB to C800 does nothing. Please do read the text provided in the SDK. As described, setting GLOB mode is just one of the commands you can send using this structure (see the NewWeather.h header file which you should include in your program. typedef struct _NewWeather { unsigned short uCommand; // C000 C400 C800 CC00 unsigned short uFlags; // C002 C402 C802 CC02 // Not used until FSX - see below unsigned int ulSignature; // C004 C404 C804 CC04 char chICAO[4]; // C008 C408 C808 CC08 unsigned short uDynamics; // C00C C40C C80C CC0C // 0=none, 4=extreme unsigned short uSeconds; // C00E C40E C80E CC0E // FSX only -- see below double dLatitude; // C010 C410 C810 CC10 // LLA zero for GLOB or unknown ICAO double dLongitude; // C018 C418 C818 CC18 int nElevation; // C020 C420 C820 CC20 // metres * 65536 unsigned int ulTimeStamp; // C024 C424 C824 CC24 // mSecs since start of session NewPress Press; // C028 C428 C828 CC28 NewVis Vis; // C02C C42C C82C CC2C // Base Vis -- for upper Vis layers see int nTempCtr; // C034 C434 C834 CC34 // Number of temperature layers NewTemp Temp[24]; // C038 C438 C838 CC38 int nWindsCtr; // C0F8 C4F8 C8F8 CCF8 // Number of wind layers NewWind Wind[24]; // C0FC C4FC C8FC CCFC int nCloudsCtr; // C27C C67C CA7C CE7C // Number of Cloud layers (max 16 in FSX, was 24 NewCloud Cloud[16]; // C280 C680 CA80 CE80 char chUTCstamp[6]; // C380 C780 CB80 CF80 // UTC time stamp on METAR (internal use) unsigned short fWriteback; // C386 C786 CB86 CF86 // Flags for writing back to FSX (internal use only) unsigned long ulSettingTimeStamp; // C388 c788 CB88 CF88 // Timestamp METAR sent (internal use) int nUpperVisCtr; // C38C C78C CB8C CF8C // Number of upper Vis layer (new in FSX) NewVis UpperVis[12]; // C390 C790 CB90 CF90 unsigned short uSpare[8]; // C3F0 C7F0 CBF0 CFF0 } NewWeather; You'll see that you need to write this with a Command in C800 according to // Commands (for set weather area only) #define NW_SET 1 // Set weather via FSUIPC user filters #define NW_SETEXACT 2 // Set weather bypassing user filters #define NW_CLEAR 3 // Clear all weather, but leave dynamic setting alone #define NW_DYNAMICS 4 // Set weather dynamics (from uDynamics value) #define NW_GLOBAL 5 // (FSX) Put FS into Global weather mode // You should write only 'GLOB' weather after this, which will be applied everywhere. So, instead of writing "GLOB" to C800, write NW_GLOBAL or 5 as a WORD (2 bytes). You may also want to change the rate of change value in P3D. To do that you need to set the rate in the uDynamics with the command set to NW_DYNAMICS (4). The METAR string always contains the ICAO for the weather station being set. For GLOBal weather the pseudo ICAO code GLOB is used. If omitted it isn't parsed bty P£d as a valid METAR string. Sources for example projects are pending your next visit here. Or I could send everything to you for publishing in the correct way, when you aren't too busy (!). Pete
  17. I think it's something in your Community folder. This is my last test today, with more logging in the Runways.txt file: MakeRwys.exe There should now be a full path listed for each MSFS and Community scenery layer, till it gets to the one causing the crash. As well as running this and showing the runways.txt, could you please tell me the folder names of each add-on in your Community folder? I'm definitely off-line now, at least for a few hours. Pete
  18. That's even weirder -- it appears to be stuck on something. I'll need to add more logging to find out what it is looping on. Pete
  19. Strange then. Although I don't use P2A with MSFS I use it regularly with P3D. The FSUIPC interface for client programs is identical for both. And of course there are quite a few P2A users having success with MSFS. Maybe having FSUIPC7 registered will make a difference, though P2A shouldn't need it (ask Dave about that). To test this, have a go with the Trial Licence John posted in https://forum.simflight.com/topic/91420-trial-license-for-fsuipc7/ Pete
  20. Not really. This just shows it is something to do with one of the layers. Getting to that is more difficult. Was a SceneryList.txt file produced? It should have been. If so I need to see it please. Anyway, I'm getting more and more convinced it must be related to one (probably add-on) scenery which has extraordinarily long folder names, or just very many subfolder levels. I did have checks on these, but I've added to these in this version: MakeRwys.exe Try that one please, and show me (or attach) the scenerylist file, if there is one, and the runways.txt file. This is about all from me till tomorrow. Pete
  21. You need to state which aircraft you were using. The log isn’t clear on that. In one profile in FSUIPC you have an assignment to STEERING SET. Is that axis assigned in MSFS? Your results do sound like MSFS or FSUIPC thinks you are using a tiller for ground steering. Pete
  22. Ok, thanks. That eliminates quite a lot. Here's another to try -- if it doesn't find it this time then it's a lot of extra logging for each layer of scenery. But since it isn't making a "scenerylist.txt" file I don't think it will come to that. MakeRwys.exe Runways.txt afterwards, please. Pete
  23. The error logged is different this time, and in a Windows library DLL, so it doesn't really help I'm afraid. I really cannot see any reason for it to crash before it really gets to do anything. It is very strange -- and you are the only one reporting this. Desperate measures are called for. Here's another temporary update. MakeRwys.exe The only changes are that it forces some checkpoint lines into the Runways.txt file. Not knowing where or why it crashes I've only put a few of these in at present, to see how far it gets in the initial setup. Please run it and show me the Runways.txt file (you can paste its contents here -- makes it faster and easier). This may take several iterations with different checkpoints being added as I narrow it down. Pete I
  24. Curiouser and curiouser ... ! Can you post the Windows crash data for me again, please. It seems to be crashing before it even does anything except open the log, which makes no sense. Pete
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