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  1. Hi all, Here is my second ever schedule, this one is for a single day at EDDM Munich airport. The schedule is based on real flight data from Monday 29th July 2019, it's a slightly busier day than my previous Gatwick schedule but with two runways it's easily manageable. All files in the zip are required for the schedule to work if you find any issues/errors with the schedule please let me know below and I'll fix them up. Enjoy. Jason-118 EDDM Jason-118 Custom Schedule Download
  2. In most cases the route of the cause is shown in the tower3d_Data/output_log.txt. I have had it stop at 9% before because of a duplicate airplane_texpack file that somehow appeared.
  3. Hello all, Here is my first attempt at a schedule for Tower3D! It's based on the date Wednesday 24th of July 2019. All flight times and airlines are accurate for the most part except for Easyjet Europe, instead this is replaced with Easyjet Switzerland. I've also added a few fictional cargo flights to keep the cargo terminals populated during the day/evening. All files in the zip are required for the schedule to work if you find any issues/errors with the schedule please let me know below and I'll fix them up. While hourly flights are not very high it can be quite challengi
  4. Just finished my first schedule and this was really handy for me. Just noticed though the reference to Gatwick is down as EGGK rather than EGKK on the FULL RC LIST sheet.
  5. I'm on Windows 10, I went in and removed the hyphens all works fine now.
  6. Me and a friend while playing online have had some problems getting the game to recognise voice for certain airlines. The affected airlines seem to be only the hyphenated ones i.e DOLLO-MEATY, LUX-AIR and NOR-SHUTTLE. Has anyone else had this issue? Previously I've had no issues with these airlines when they were spelt differently. The schedule is a great, it's just annoying I can't get it to recognise me or my friend.
  7. Hi, Having a strange problem and im not sure where to go first I make all my flight plans using fscommander exporting them as fs2004 flightplans and loading them into Radar Contact have just noticed that flying into and from EHAM causes Radar contact to completely ignore this airport you can see when you load a flightplan it says EGLL to @30,000ft rather than EGLL to EHAM @30,000ft tried other airports they work fine also this happens on default EHAM airport scenery not sure whether it's a RC problem but more likely an FSC problem any advice would be appreciated. Also a side effect of
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