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  1. I noted in a number of posts that the problem with "displaced thresholds" has been fixed. Can someone please tell me what a "displaced threshold is?
  2. You cannot open a standard FSX plan file in FSC. FSC creates FSX format plan files but it does not read them.
  3. Atlanta(default) has one cargo terminal with 26 gates. 18 of these gates are in the north cargo area and 8 are in the south. I would like to create two cargo terminals - North and South. This appears to be easy if I knew which gates were north and which were south. The gates are numbered 1 to 26. Will somebody tell me which gates are north and which are south?? Thanks, Tom
  4. Two questions: 1) I added the suggested cargo terminal at LAX south of runwy 25L. Cargo aircraft landing on 25L tend to exit to the right. Is there a setting that wll make them exit left?? 2) I forgot the second question. Getting old is wonderful!
  5. Got a link? I searched channels and found no FeelThere.
  6. When you first open Tower at LAX you see a picture of the runways with what looks like buttons on them. Click on 24R and 25L. This will force all arrivals to one of those Runways. In game you now send all departures to 24L or 25R. If while playing, an aircraft arrives on 24R that would be more convenient on 25L you can issue the command "Enter final Runway 25L."
  7. For departures from 25R, I issue the command "After departure fly heading 235" Then Cleared for take off. For 24L use heading 265. This insures that there is no conflict.
  8. In the menu, click on "about" then "register."
  9. I have Tower 2011 Single player working fine using Win 10 64bit. I had to run in Win 7 Compatibility mode.
  10. Using the links from my original purchase, the download claims to be sp2. Does BMTMicro have sp4 or is there a separate download for the update?
  11. The problem is that DINRO in not on the UL620 airway according to Navigraph AIRAC 1508
  12. The original post was three years ago. The suggestion to roll back to a previous version was two weeks ago.
  13. I can confirm your findings. I simply deleted MSE. In 6 years MSE never came up with anything but false positives.
  14. No one has this file??
  15. In the past someone posted a revised airfield file for Atlanta where the terminal taxiways had been revised to be one way up on one side and one way down on the other. Does anyone have this file?? Tom
  16. Do you know the standard taxi procedures for the north side?
  17. On the right side of the flight plan box there are two check boxes. One for High Alt and the other for Low Alt. When I start FSC only the High Alt box is checked. How can I get both boxes checked and have them stay checked for the next time I load FSC?
  18. Bob, Make sure that Navigtraph is pointing to the same directory that contains FSC.EXE. For me that's c:\fsc9
  19. I believe the program uses the system default text-to-speech voice. In Win 7 this is Microsoft Anna.
  20. If you installed FSX to the default directory and If you set up your paths in FSC correctly, you should find the flight plan in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS
  21. Vaughn, When you place your cursor on the FSC map the Lon & Lat appear at the bottom of the map. This should make it easy to select the desired VOR from the list.
  22. Daniel, My best guess is that your flightplan is missing some information that is required by FSC. As a result, FSC may expect to read a waypoint but is actually getting some other information from your format and considers it a bad waypoint. .
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