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  1. I think he meant 4L for landings and 4R for departures looking at the Jeppesen chart I found online with the airport procedures.
  2. I am not sure that LH is flying the 346 to Boston anymore. I think they have replaced the 346 with the 359 to Boston. Swiss still flies the 343 to Boston.
  3. LAS is my second favorite airport after BOS. I like the way the airport is laid out.
  4. First time actually posting on here. I play Boston a lot as that is my home airport. A couple of things from playing Boston. *I would like to see the LAHSO work correctly. Right now if you tell an aircraft to hold short of taxiway E on 22L the aircraft will turn left off the runway at TWY F instead of right. (they use LAHSO a lot at Logan airport on 22L and 4L short of 33R). *able to have aircraft turn off onto runways. Boston uses 33R for turnoff all the time when landing the 4's. if this is possible I haven't figured it out. In Tower!2011 you could adjust the airfield and change so I was able to turn aircraft off of RWY 33L or 33R. *be able to select a primary arrival runway and then a secondary arrival runway for heavies. Example, landing 27 at Boston but able to send heavies land 33L. *option for emergency aircraft. *option to set your own wind direction and/or real world weather could be downloaded. *winter weather, needing to deice and wet runways causing longer landings. *better separation between arrivals. Right now it seems like there is no real seperation between light, heavies, etc. *better way to add regional airlines to the right terminals and be able to adjust the terminals and gate areas. *better landing procedures, again for example BOS RWY 32 is only RNAV and comes in from the south over the water and turns inbound and maybe the Carnise approach at Kennedy when weather is good. *I liked in Tower!2011 you could adjust some of the landing lengths for aircraft so an aircraft editor would be nice again *easy way to create your own airports (I grew up on the approach to the 10s at KPIT and now the airport is not as busy so I doubt it would be added into the game but I could create it myself if I had an editor). *When I play JFK seems like aircraft landing slow down way too much and it causes the potential for go arounds because the landing aircraft is slow to get to the high speed exits. In real world a pilot would know not to slow down so much as he is still a little ways away from the high speed exit. *give aircraft delays based on potential delays to their destination. A flight leaving from BOS to LGA or JFK might get a delay due to weather. Allow ground delays and ground stops so you have to send the aircraft to hold until their release time. I love this game since the 2011 game so I think some of this would make the game better. That is all I can think of so far off the top of my head right now.
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